Saturday, 22 June 2013


Lately I think I have been having a personal style crisis, I have been gravitating towards things that I never ever thought I would buy.  I'm a girly girl at heart with a weakness for anything with a bow or ruffles. But lately I have been purchasing more causal clothing and currently I am craving for a pair of distressed jeans.  I have yet to find a pair I like enough to buy, they are either too distressed or not distressed enough.  Talk about a having a Goldielock complex.

I toyed with the idea of distressing a pair myself, but that idea was quickly shot down by my mom who thinks I will just ruin a pair of wearable jeans, her advice was to go out an buy a pair.

So I was browsing online and spotted these pairs that seem to fit my idea how distressed a pair of jeans should be

  1. J Brand Aoki Boy-fit
  2. J Brand Aidan Boy-fit
  3. J Brand Aidan Boy-fit (this one is a different wash, but the distressing is also different, hmmm)
  4. J Brand mid rise skinny leg

I'm not a J Brand snob or anything, but I tend to gravitate towards J Brand jeans because I'm a have FAS (AKA: Flat Ass Syndrome) and thus far the J Brand jeans are the ones that make my butt look decent without fail.

I have also spotted this pair super skinny ankle legging jean from Adriano Goldschmied,

I have recently bought 2 pairs of Adriano Goldschmied jeans and they are the softest jeans I own, in fact I often wear a pair to work on non-jean Fridays and pass them off as fitted pants that just looks like jeans.  And when anyone asks if I'm wearing jeans, I deny it and tell them to feel my pants, the softness of the jeans often convinces them that they're not jeans (but that's our little secret).

 ♥ Viv

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