Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Vegas Sephora Purchases

I usually don't do this, usually when I get a new product I keep it on the shelf for a few weeks and only when I finished one product will I reach for the new product.  But this year, practically every new makeup product I have bought, I have used or tried immediately.

When I returned from Vegas, I practically cracked open every product I picked up from Sephora and I must admit that they are practically all winners.

REN - Get Radiant, Glowing Skin In Just 10 Minutes! Kit
Photo courtesy of Sephora

I was actually just interested in the REN glycol Latctic radiance renewal mask, but for $4 more I opted to get the REN Get radiant, glowing skin in just 10 minutes kit.  To be honest, I was a little hesitant about this product, everyone has been ranting and raving about it on the beauty blogs, but when  I got a sample for Sephora,  I was less than impressed and didn't understand the hype.  Plus I couldn't stand the smell, I can't pin point the smell exactly but it smells like dried prunes to me.  But in Vegas, REN was significantly cheaper plus I was able to benefit from the V.I.B 15% off so I took the plunge and purchased it.

The kit comes with a deluxe sample sized REN micro polish cleanser, a full sized bottle of the glycolic lactic radiance renewal mask, and a deluxe sample size  radiance perfection serum, oh and a muslin cloth was included (which I conveniently forgot to photograph).

I am actually quite impressed by all the products, after the initial use even Lily asked what I did to my skin.  I must say that you will not get the full effect of the glycolic lactic radiance renewal mask with just a small sample from Sephora, because once I able to just the right amount of product I completely understood the hype around this product.

The first time I used it, I did feel a bit of a burning sensation, when Lily tried it, she said it "burnt like a bitch". But I swear it's like a one time thing, because the second time I barely felt it.  I'll let Lily confirm that because she has yet to use it a second time, I'm not sure if the initial use scared her off the product though.

I have always had the problem of dry flaky skin around my nose and in between my eyebrows, usually a peel off mask or glycolic toner will solve the problem. But this winter both products have failed me. So I used the REN glycolic lactic radiance renewal mask in combination with:

Shu Uemura depsea hydrability alnight quench SOS moisture essence

 The end result: skin soft as a baby's butt. I used this combination twice the week before B's wedding and there were no signs of dry flaky skin.

Texture wise it's goopy and slightly sticky, smells some kind of citrus fruit (it reminds of some kind of Asian fruit, I just can't pin point it) but I am slowly learning to cope with the smell.

I loved the products so much that I'm willing to purchase other REN products, small problem Sephora has pulled the REN line out of the Canadian Sephora stores (at least that's what the Sephora SA told me).

This product was definitely worth the hype.

♥ Viv 

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