Saturday, 25 May 2013

Time to update the makeup bag theory

Spring has finally arrived, well sorta, the weather here has to decide what it wants.  Just stabilize please. I have been using Lil Lady's life makeup bag theory in an effort to purge my makeup stash.
During winter I have been using the following products:

Lil lady's method does really work, I managed to finish the Benefit's erase paste (thank god), the Sephora blush, one of the Sephora eye shadows, and of course the Stila Lipgloss.  As for the rest they're still there, although I manage to increase the size of the pan on some of the eyeshadows and the Clinique eyeliner is slowly dwindling in size.  But now that the weather is slowly warming up, I decided I needed to switch out some of the products.

So here is my new makeup bag theory-Spring Edition

  • Benefit's Hervana blush - a bday gift from B, and one of my favorite blushes! Great pick B. I actually hit pan on this, my first blush I hit pan on! which I'm surprised about because I actually don't really use this that often.
  • MUFE PRO-Finish powder-Ever since I picked this up I haven't stopped using it. Plus it really cuts down on my morning makeup routine.
  • Benefit's cream shadow (Shade R.S.V.P)-this thing does not seem to want to die. I have been using it daily and its still pretty full!
  • Dr. Jart's BB cream - I understand the hype about this product, it was an impulse purchase in Vegas and one that I don't regret. On days I want a little more coverage I typically wear this under the MUFE pro-finish powder
  • Givenchy's Bronzer-  I must admit for a super pale girl a bit of bronzer makes a world of difference. Slowly learning the art of bronzing properly.
  • Buxom lip glosses- Buxom lip glosses  are becoming my favorite brand of lip glosses. But frankly their full size products scare me, I don't know if I can commit to such a large product.  Why can't brands make mini sizes of all their products?
 ♥ Viv 

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