Saturday, 4 May 2013

I'm back

and I have returned with one hell of a cold.  5 days in Vegas and there was no signs of sniffles, then on the flight back I started feeling a little yucky; it was almost like my body knew that my vacation was over and just started failing me! 

5 days in Vegas is more than enough, CW and I did practically everything but visit the Canyon.  

Our Hotel Planet Hollywood

 The first day we arrived, since we couldn't check into our hotel until 4, we hit all the Sephora's within walking distance of our hotel (i.e all of them on the Strip).  And I was able to take advantage of Sephora's V.I.B 15% off. It was quite funny because  for some reason we could not find all the items on my wish list at one particular Sephora, I literally picked them up at 3 different Sephora's.  But now CW understands the allure of a Sephora, she was like it's so easy for you to get distracted and have impulse purchases.

I didn't buy most of the items on my wishlist just the ones I really wanted to try, B warned me to stick to a list and I did.    I only had 2 impulse purchase, B would be proud. I know I could have picked up most of these items in MTL, but here are 3 main reasons why I waited until I went on vacation to pick them up.

  1. Some of the brands are not available in Canada or more specifically in MTL (Dr. Jart and Illamasqua).
  2. Taxes, in Vegas taxes were only 8.1%, where as in MTL, taxes are 15%
  3. Price difference.  If you compare the prices in Canada to the US ones, there is a a huge difference in prices. During my research, I noticed that the prices can differ anywhere between 2-10$
 So here is what I picked up:
  • Hourglass Immaculate liquid powder foundation (Price: $55 US   vs. $64 CAD)--See that is a $9 dollar difference.
  • Dr. Jart BB cream, I was torn between this one and the smash box one, but ultimately I went with Dr. Jart's BB cream because this brand is not available here.
  • REN get radiant glowing skin in just minutes (Price: $58 US vs. $70 CAD)--I picked this up in the nick of time. It seems like Sephora is pulling REN out of their stores.
  • Illumasqua powder blusher (Price: $26 US vs. $32 CAD)-I have seen the nail polishes but that's about it.
  • Boscia blotting paper (Price: $10 US vs $12 CAD)
  • Beauty Blender (Price: $20 US vs $26 CAD)--I actually picked these up for a co-worker. She affectionately refers to them as a dinosaur egg,
  • Julep glycolic hand scrub- this was an impulse purchase
  • Sephora's Bull's eye lash applicator-impulse purchase as well.
So if you account for the taxes there is a huge price difference between Canada and the US, should I be that surprised? No, apparently we as Canadians have always paid more for everything, but it's annoying since our dollar is practically on par!

♥ Viv

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