Saturday, 18 May 2013

Getting ready- for the unanticipated Sister-Sister Event

Once the invited arrived, Lily not so subtly asked if she could be my plus one.  I agreed, without realizing how much work it would entail.  She was an extra person, I had to apply my amateur makeup skills on. I'm not a pro, I dabble here and there and I think I do a decent job when it comes to doing my own makeup for special events, but it still takes me about an hour to slap my face on. 

Applying makeup on another person is completely a different story, it so odd applying makeup on someone else (am I the only one who things this?).

So I had Lily look up some inspiration looks, and she finally settled on the Jasmine look that Jen from head to toe had done a tutorial on.  

The products used:

  • MUFE Face and Body foundation
  • MUFE Full coverage concealer (this really does fully conceal everything)
  • MUFE Mist&Fix spray
  • Benefit's Hervana blush
  • Urban Decay's eyeshadow: Smog
  • Too Face eyeshadow: Full frontal
  • Marcelle lip liner: Truely nude
  • Guerlain lip stick: sans beige
  • Shu Uemura gel liner: Black

Of course, since this was for a wedding I did not do Lily's make up as dramatic as Jen did in her tutorial. Plus Lily has such small features and a baby face, I didn't want to over do it with the makeup.

The final look:

Thank god she is great at doing her own hair.

I actually struggled a bit with my own makeup selection, but in the end I had my makeup done along with B at the hotel.

My final look:

My makeup was done by Caroline Theoret, which I can only described as a true "artist".  This was my first time having my makeup air-brushed on, it is the oddest sensation, it literally feels like wind blowing against your skin. In a matter of mins, I had the smoothest looking skin and I barely had to touch up through out the night.

♥ Viv & Lily

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