Saturday, 20 April 2013

I'm going on Vacation..Finally

Just in time to use up my remaining vacation days before I lose them.  Am I the only one who feels like going away on vacation isn't really a vacation because the  week leading up to the vacation usually consist of staying at work late tying up as many loose ends as possible. But on the plus side maybe I should go on vacation more often.  Nothing like a vacation motivates me to go clean up my desk as much as possible; I have never seen my desk so clean at work; I can finally see the bottom.  The question is will it be like that when I come back?

Not going anywhere fancy, just a quick trip to Vegas, but what will make this trip a little more exciting is the fact that I will be entering the US just in time for the last day of the Sephora V.I.B day (assuming everything goes according to plan).  Since I have regain my V.I.B status, the sale will be extended 1 extra day for the V.I.Bs! Cue the singing angels.

I know, lame but for those who are beauty junkies you will understand what this means.

My Wish list...

B has already warned me to go in with a list and not go crazy.  I don't plan on getting everything on my wish list, but there are so many tempting things.

♥ Viv

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