Saturday, 16 March 2013

So The Rumors Are True

One night, I was bored out of my mind and what better way to spend your time than to peruse the internet.  I can't even remember how I stumbled upon it, but a few blogs had mentioned that Real Technique brushes by Samantha Chapman would soon be available in Canada.  Yes, that's right, they are finally landing in Canada. It's about damn time.

There was no specific details as to when and where they would be available.  Time for my super duper investigational skills i.e googling.  Apparently in Vancouver, people have spotted them at London Drugs. I unfortunately don't have any London Drugs remotely close to me so that was out the window.  What I did find out was that Real technique brushes will be distributed/manufactured by the same company who distributes/manufactures Eco Tool brushes; this  info suggested that perhaps they would be available at drug stores such as Pharmaprix (AKA Shoppers Drug Mart) and Walmart.

I checked out a local Pharmaprix, no luck; MomsMakeup Stash indicated my chances of finding these babies would be higher with Walmart.  But I really wanted to avoid going to Walmart as much as possible. I really hate going to Walmart.  Stepping foot into a Walmart is like stepping into a war zone, it's constantly crammed with people who are pushing and shoving grabbing everything and anything.  Throw in the fact that every single person in Walmart apparently needs a cart, navigating the aisles are next to impossible. Seriously people calm down, but I  braved it and hit up a Walmart, yesterday where I spotted

Real Technique Brushes: the Travel essential, Core collection (which was hidden), and Starter set.   Walmart does not carry the individual brushes, perhaps in the future they will. A set currently retails for $18.97, price is comparable to our neighbors to the south ($18 US).

Did I really need all three sets? Realistically and logically speaking, no, but each set contained at least one brush everyone is ranting and raving about. I had all 3 collections in my hand and wondered around Walmart a bit (I'm seriously impressed, Walmart has definitely stepped up their beauty department), then I had to decided on the spot if I really wanted all 3 sets due to last minute dinner plans.

Yup, I picked up all 3

I made a rash decision and bought all 3, at this price point all 3 sets would have came out to the same cost as about 1 MAC face brush and less than 1 Shu Uemura eye brush.  Plus Lily is starting to dabble more with makeup so now we can share. Purchased justified.

I have yet to test these babies out but they do feel soft.

Stay tune for my is it worth the hype post.

 ♥ Viv

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