Friday, 29 March 2013

Shoe Addict?

So maybe I am a Shoe-Aholic? I will admit that I love to buy shoes.  I would rather spend like 75% of my budget on shoes and the remaining 25% on the rest of the outfit. Maybe it's because I feel that shoes make the outfit or that shoes have the ability to make you stand a little straighter and walk with a little more confidence. Suffice it to say I have XXX pairs of shoes (I will never admit to how many pairs, I really have  
; )!. But the Bay was having it's end of season wrap up sales and the discounts were too good to resist.

The Shoe Haul

Please note that I am not the only one who picked up shoes, Lily scored a couple of pairs herself. Maybe I can finagle her into posting them.

Yes, I picked up a total of 4 pairs by accident, I didn't intentional set out to buy shoes, I just some how ended up with them. The first pair I picked up was the pair of Frye boots, and there is a whole story behind this pair. 

Frye Jackie Button Boots
Under normal circumstances I would have never even bother to pick up a pair of Frye boots, I personally found them to be little too masculine and rough and tough for my personal style. I love anything girl and classic, I am the type of girl whose wardrobe is filled with frilly blouses, pencil skirts, blazers, and heels.  

Currently I feel like I'm having a style crisis and I'm purchasing things I never thought I would have picked up in a million years.

I spotted these before X-mas and I didn't even bother to try them on; 
  1. I have tried a pair of Frye boots in the past and they were not the most comfortable boots, I found them super stiff and hard and
  2. These were cow-boy inspired boots, what the hell and I going to do with these? These were completely out of my comfort zone.
Then I spotted them again 2 weeks ago, with an additional 60% off  the lowest ticketed price. My interest was peaked and I tried them on. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they actually were and they actually looked pretty cute.  But I put them back because even with an additional 60% off they were not cheap enough for me.  Plus they were a size 7.5 and although I could get away with them, in my head I was thinking would a 7 fit better. It's not even like I had an option for a 7, at this point whatever is left is left.  I walked around for a bit  and they were constantly at the back of my mind, but I couldn't justify the purchase. And then remembered I had a 50$ coupon off at home.  I made my way back home to get it and when I returned they were gone. How could that be! So I made my way to another the Bay hoping I would find another pair, no luck, instead I walked away with this pair

Sam Eldeman Trina Sandals

Sometimes I think I get a little  fixated on things, because I refused to believe that that pair of boots was sold, so after Anjou, I made my way back to the Bay at the Blvd, hoping they would magically re-appear. Nope, still gone, but in my hearts of hearts I did not believe that someone else bought them. Plus I really wanted them all the suddenly, I was picturing all the outfits they would go so perfectly with. Sunday, Lily wanted to go shopping and I on purposely made a point to passed by the Blvd, I really want to see if the Frye boots were there. And yes people, they magically re-appeared and I snatched them up ASAP.

Then we made our way downtown, where I picked up these:

Donald J. Pliner Ville Cap Toe Pumps
Once again, I wasn't too into the cap toe trend, but I kept seeing them every where and I was intrigued. Plus I really needed a pair of black pumps that I could actually walk in. 

Last weekend I had gone shopping with my mom and picked up these: Everything was an additional 50% and I had a V.I.P card for an additional 20% off.  I actually had one at home for 25% off, but I grabbed the wrong one when I left.  Damn I missed out on the extra 5%!

Coach Ellin Heels

I didn't really need this pair of nude pumps, but Lily was like they look amazing and convinced me to buy them since they were such a steal!

Alexander McQueen For Puma

 My mom was actually looking for a pair of sneakers, she spotted these and unfortunately they didn't fit her and fortunately they did fit me. They came with a pair of pink laces, which I think I will switch the grey ones  out for, just for that extra little pop of color.

So I picked up all 4 pairs practically for the price of 1 regular priced pair!

Did you guys know Alexander McQueen did a line for puma?

 ♥ Viv


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