Sunday, 3 February 2013

Testing out The Makeup Bag Theory

Are like me where you feel like your makeup products are never ending? that they just seem to last forever and forever.  Do you get envious of other bloggers who seem to go through products like no tomorrow?  I'll admit it, I get so jealous when I see other bloggers empties post.  I always wonder, how the hell do they do that? Am I not slathering on enough product on a daily basis?  Should I be re-applying more often? How often can I go to the washroom at work for a touch up without looking suspicious?

So I decided to take a page from a fellow beauty blogger I follow: Lil Lady's Life, if you haven't had a chance to read her post about how she finishes her makeup products click here and here. She seems to be able to go through an insane amount of product in a short period of time (and her stash looks like her own personal makeup store, so jealous).

She has created the makeup bag theory, which essentially breaks down like this: create a look with a few choice makeup products, store most of the products for your "Go To" face in a makeup bag, and finally use those selected products on a daily basis until you've finished them.

My selected makeupproducts to finish

I thought about it for a while and analyzed my behavior,  I have concluded that the following are the major factors that contribute to my  rediculously slow pace of finishing makeup products:
  • I change up my makeup look every week or so, depending on my mood and what I decide wear,this may also account for why I'm always a little late for work.
  •  I don't lug around most of the products I use; I feel like my purse weighs a ton, so adding more weight to my bag is not an option. My makeup bag basically just contains a press powder, a lippie or 2, blotting paper, a retractable powder brush, small tube of mascara and eye drops.
  •  Because I don't carry all the products I used ergo, I also don't reapply or re-touch up my makeup at work as frequently as I should.
  • I possibly may not be applying enough product. 
 My choice look was inspired by another beauty blogger's post: MissChievous's style steal  (Hanna from PLL). I am probably way too old to be watching that show, but I love the fashion and makeup each girl sports.

So my products that I have selected to constantly use:

The face products

 For the face:

Benefit's Erase Paste
Too Face Snow Bunny Bronzer (for some reason I only break this out in winter)
Sephora Blush from one of their palettes

None of the products are too exciting to swatch but the bronzer. I know it looks scary in the pan, when I first saw it I was like "how the hell am I suppose to use this?". I think this product is designed in a way so you can use it as a highlighter, bronzer, or blush alone. But they can also be mixed together for a nice golden warm color. I finally figured out the best way to use this product was with a kabuki brush. I swirl it clockwise and then counter clockwise in order to get an even color distribution.

Too Faced-Snow Bunny
I found it gave a nice glow, one that I desperately need in winter, which is probably why I tended to only break this out in winter.  If you're new to the world of bronzers like me, you really can't go wrong with the Too Face's snow bunny. As you can tell from my swatches, whether you have the lightest touch in the world or you're heavy handed, the end result is a nice subtle glow.

The eye products
For the Eyes:

Physician Formula's eyeliner (shade: black)
Clinique eyeliner (shade:black coffee)
Eyeshadow from a Sephora palette ( hint hint look at the ones that I have hit pan on)

The lip product

For the lips:

Stila lipgloss (shade: majesty)

I didn't include mascara, foundation, or my loose powder because I definitely use those products daily and those are the ones I tend to finish the most often

I have been wearing this look for about a month and I must admit Lil Lady's life's make up bag theory works. Not only have I managed to hit pan on the blush and several eye shadows but I also managed to shave some time off my morning routine. Instead of being 10 mins late for work, I'm only 5 mins late for work.  

Let's hope I don't get bored with these products. If you have any suggestions on how to use up products feel free to comment below.

 ♥ Viv

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