Friday, 22 February 2013

Sister-Sister Event #1 of 2013

Justin Bieber's concert was the last sister-sister event of 2012, 2013 open with a bang. Our first sister-sister event of 2013 was

Our first non-pop nor non teen idol concert!

Too bad it just happen to be on a cold windy winter day, but even the cold did not keep fans away.  I was actually quite surprised by the crowd that attended.  I expected a crowd of  mid 20's to early 30's people, but I was quite taken aback by all the teeny boppers that attended.  It was actually quite a diverse crowd, either relatively old people or really young people.

Maroon 5 is actually one of the bands I really wanted to see live at least once, their music is catchy and I'll be honest they look like they would put on an amazing show.

The opening act:

Lily and I didn't recognize the name or their songs until they sang:


Apparently Owl City was slated to also open for Maroon 5, but Lily told me that the lead singer was sick. Oh well.

Here are some pics of concert, man all I have to say is production and staging have definitely improved greatly since I started going to concerts. Now a day's it almost like seeing a music video live!

I just love it when there are big screens, gives everyone a chance to see what's actually happening
Doesn't it look like stepping into another world?

Adam Levine conducting the crowd for She will be Loved
One lucky girl, and the girl who all over girl were jealous of!

The story behind the last pic:  If you guys are Maroon 5 fans you must know about the Daylight Project. Well apparently this girl was in it, because she made a sign that said "I was in your Daylight Video, can I sing with you?. They spotted the sign and the rest is history. Apparently, this has never happened so far on the tour, so Adam Levine invited her on stageduring the performance of Daylight.  He practically serenaded her, the girl was on cloud nine and every other girl in the Bell Centre wanted to be her! 

   ♥ Viv

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