Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Empties

I'm relatively on time for my empties post, typically I'm about two weeks late. My first empties post of 2013 was looking a little bleak the last 2 weeks of January, but within the last couple of days of January I managed to add a couple of more products.

January Empties

*Gurelain Parure extreme foundation:  Thank god this is finally done, I thought it would never end. I picked it up at the Guerlain warehouse sale maybe 2 winters ago. Word of advice do not buy foundation in a dimly light place, I honestly don't know how other women manage color match themselves but people snatch up boxes and boxes of foundation.  It looked all good when I swatched it in the poorly lite warehouse, but in real light it was actually a little too light and ashy for me.  But I refuse to toss it (that's money literally down the drain), so I only used it in winter and threw on some bronzer.  I didn't like this product, the coverage was ok, but it kinda of just sat on my skin and made me look cakey.  Would I re-purchase this product?  Pass, no thank you.

Fresh Sugar lip balm: The majority of beauty junkies must have received this as a bday gift from Sephora.  It was actually one of the few lip balms that didn't make my lips peel; it glided on like butter and had a nice fresh lemony scent. The only thing that annoyed me about it was how soft and malleable it was.  I had this in my purse on a hot summer day and it literally melted, it became so soft that when I used it it broke in half. Would I re-purchase this product again? Based on price (a regular full size tube will cost you $20) and the fact that its so delicate I would have to say no.

L'Occitane Hand Creme (scent: cherry blossom): Is it just me or are the scent hand cremes from L'Occitane not as good as their original one? I remember trying the original one from B and I found it so nourishing , that I was willing to shell out $12 for a 30 mL tube, but the cherry blossom scent was sub-par (is that too harsh?). Would I re-purchase this product again? No

Bath and Body works body creme (scent: velvet tuberose): This is pretty much a staple in my arsenal of beauty products. Would I re-purchase this product again? Probably.

On to the products that I tossed

2 chap-sticks (1 from polysporin and the other I have no idea what it is because the label is no longer on it) that are probably 3-4 years old, I think you would all agree that it's time for me to toss them. They made my lips peel and pretty much sat there. Would I re-purchase these products? No

L'Oreal lip gloss (shade 105): I may have owned this for a about 6 yrs. I tried to use it as often as I could, but the fact that I couldn't see how much was left really annoyed me.  I really like to see how much product is left, it's visually motivates me even more to try to finish a product as fast as I can. Would I re-purchase this? No

Body Shop Decdry dry effect Deordorant: this is my second bottle; lesson learned, never buy 2 of a product you never tried before.  Damn you Body Shop and your buy one get one half off sale! I didn't find it drying and I really didn't like the scent on me.  It just didn't mesh well with my pH, I thought it was just me that felt it smelt a little odd on me, but then Lily was like, what is that smell, you smell a little funky.  I was a little perplexed since I just showered and then it dawned on me. We pulled a Tia&Tamera, yes I made her smell my underarm and her reaction "Man, just toss that". So I did, even though I really tried hard to finish it off. Would I re-purchase this? Hell No.

*I have a slight confession, this product seemed never ending and I had a moment of temporary insanity where I squirted it a couple times into my trash bin just to see how much was left, and the next day it was done.  You guys are probably imaging that I was just standing  over a trash bin and just continually squirting it into my trash, I swear it was only like 3-4 pumps. See, I really don't like products when I can't see how much is left.

Oh and Lily's contribution to my empties post: Vera Wang's Love Struck perfume.

 ♥ Viv

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