Friday, 1 February 2013

Beauty Spending Tracker-Updated

Remember how I decided that I would "attempt" to keep track of my beauty spending habits after my "being a girl is quite expensive" post . Well the first month of 2013 has just ended; so without further delay, here is my how much I spent in the month of January. 

My beauty spending tracker will be broken down into 6 categories: makeup, skin care, hair, body, beauty tools, and misc (just in case something I picked up doesn't fall into any of the above categories).

In the month of January I managed to spend a grand total of $117.88.

Silly me, it would be much more interesting if I included pictures of what I purchased:

Dermaglow toner and bath and body works products

Bioderma Toner and Atoderm Creme

How the hell did I do that? I swear I only bought like 3 products (excluding my purchases I picked up during the X-mas sales from Bath and Body Works).

♥ Viv

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