Friday, 18 January 2013

My favorite Makeup Brushes

These are my 2 favorite eye makeup brushes in my brush collection and I totally don't deserve them.  I don't do anything extraordinary fancy or creative like other beauty bloggers because let's be honest, I'm an amateur makeup artist at best. I basically know how to apply make up on 3 people: Lily, CW, and myself. 

If you're like me and read a ton of beauty blogs or watch a ton of makeup tutorials on youtube, you'll know how easy it is to fall into the hype of certain make up brushes. For instant there was the whole Sigma brush craze, which I totally would have fallen for if shipping to Canada wasn't so complicated. And the MAC 217, a cult hit amongst fellow beauty bloggers, and it truly is a great blending brush.  But I personally find it to fluffy to be used for anything else besides blending, at least for my eye shape and size.  So the most important lesson I learnt in buying makeup brushes is that you have to get brushes that work for you.  

I find that I have small eyes with a small crease so if I want to apply shadow in the crease or attempt a smokey eye I typically end up looking like a hot mess. I was hopelessly looking for the perfect eye brush; one that fits perfectly into my crease and one that can help me define my outer "v".  I literally thought it was a lost cause until I spotted the 5r during one of my visits to the Shu Uemura counter. It was one of those purchases that I did not have to think twice about. Even with the sticker shock, it was a whopping $79 but lucky I had a gift card.

The kolinsky 5r brush  has just the right stiffness and I found it to be just the perfect density for applying shadow to my crease or defining my outer "V". I just absolutely adored it. I was told the exuberant price was due to the fact that the brush was made with kolinsky hair.  Apparently kolinsky hair comes from some kind of weasel isolated in Siberia that only sheds like once or twice a year.  The next brush I discovered during a Shu Uemura make event, the natural brush 8hr. 

As much as I loved the MAC 217 brush, I was in dire need of a second blending brush. There was something about it's fell and angled fit that made me think of all the endless things I could do with this brush. The 8Hr in combination with my 5r I have been able to create a soft smokey eye without looking like a crazy person.

  ♥ Viv

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