Sunday, 6 January 2013

Being a Girl is Quite Expensive

Part of starting this blog with Lily was to keep track of all the products I used (i.e my spending). Sometimes you don't realize how much you actually spend until you see hard evidence.  So for all of 2012 I have been hoarding all the products I finished.  The end results, everything I used up in 2012 are in these 3 shopping bags

Finished products of 2012

Sorry for the blurry pic, really I have no excuse

View from the top
As the year was progressing, I honestly did not feel like I was going through all the products I owe fast enough.  Especially when you see other people's post of on their finished products.  As you can see I went through a lot more skin care products than I did actual make up.  Who knew I was such a skin care junkie?

The grand total: (I'll keep it simple and break it down by category)

  • Bath products (i.e body lotions, shower gels, hand lotion, etc): 16 + 3 travel sized products
  • Dry shampoo: 2
  • Facial products (cleansers, toners, moisturizers,etc): 23  + 3 travel sized products
  • Make up products: 29 products
  • Fragrances: 7 (2 full size perfumes, 4 travel size Benefit ones, and 1 body spray)
  • Misc (deodorant, brush cleanser, basically anything that doesn't fit into the above categories): 3
Grand total:  84 products!

I don't even want to tally up the actually cost of all these products, that would be kinda of scary.  I can't even say that some of these products were Lily and she also contributed to my pile of finished products of 2012.  Lily only contributed the  2 benefit perfumes, the rest is all me.

See, being a girl is quite expensive!

 ♥ Viv

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