Friday, 28 December 2012

The Boxing Day Haul

We love Boxing Day, Lily gets more excited about boxing day then she does about X-mas. Boxing day shopping has almost become a family tradition in our house hold.  I don't know if its the thrill of getting something you had your eye on at an incredible discount or the feeling of wondering if you'll be able to nab the coveted item before your shopping competitor. Speaking as an experience boxing day shopper my one piece of advice would be: a strategy is a must.  Without a strategy boxing day shopping is pretty much a waste of time or you'll quickly get fed up of the crowds and having to waiting in line not only to try on clothing but to pay as well.  Boxing day is definitely not the day where you think you can leisurely shop.

Our strategy in short:  
  1. Prior to boxing day peruse the stores for items you want.  I know you guys are thinking that you have to X-mas gift shop, who has time to look out for boxing day items as well? Fortunately for us, that is not a problem since we are not big X-mas people. Sorry folks
  2. Make a list of the stores you want to hit. 
  3. Find out if you can put items on hold.  Chances are slim they will since it's boxing day, but you never know. It doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. Wake up early and make your way to the stores.  For us, we usually make it downtown by 9-10 AM. We know stores typically don't open til 1 pm, but the early bird gets the worm.
  5.  Dress like your attending a sample sale, a quick way to avoid waiting in line for a changing room.
  6. Bring some snacks

One stop on our boxing day shopping spree was Club Monaco.  Their deal: take an additional 50% off everything on sale.  I must say, this years selection was slim especially for the females. This year the men's section seem to have much more selection and the store was packed with more guys than girls.

Here is what we picked up on the first day:

I only walked away with 3 items, and only 1 was an article of clothing
  • A Lauren Merkin clutch I desperately wanted, but refused to pay the $225.  It was on sale for $159 + an additional 50% so I managed to score it for only $80.
  • Lily had her eye on these animal print gloves.  I must admit they are really soft.
  • A navy tee with a lace applique. I tried on this shirt in the past and was not in love with it, but it was $20 so I said why not.  Plus this apparently is one of the tops Lily and I are "supposedly"  sharing.
Since the Club Monaco boxing day sale is on until the Dec 31st.  We passed by again today where we picked up the following:

Viv's purchases
I desperately need pants for work, unfortunately since these are jeans I can't wear them to work unless its a Friday. But they were such a great price so why the hell not.

Lily's purchases
Lily had her eye on the flannel shirt, but another shopper had it in her hands, when the girl didn't want it, I grabbed.

Oh I guess that makes a 7th rule: ideally you should shop with a partner.  Lily and I typically tell each other what we want on one of our pre-boxing day shopping trips and then devise a plan on who will grab which coveted items.  Plus it doesn't hurt to have a second pair of eyes.

Next up our the Bay haul.

 ♥ Viv & Lily

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