Saturday, 15 December 2012

Molecular Gastromony...My Work X-mas Dinner

Last week was not only the week of my work X-mas dinner, but it was the week that kicked started the continuous holiday eating that pretty much occurs at my workplace every year. Tuesday was a sad but happy good bye lunch for one of our nurses, we ordered in Greek food. Then our X-mas dinner followed, which of course will be followed by our office pot-luck. And if you follow me on instagram you may have seen the insane amount of baked goods/gift baskets/chocolate that also makes its way into our department. 

Let the journey of over indulgence begin  or how one of the MDs put it "are they trying to kill us with a really good slow meal?"

I tried to capture each bite of food we had, but it was kinda of awkward to do since I somehow ended up on the side with all the MDs.   Don't be fooled by the portion sizes of this, all the amuse- bouche more than made up for it.

My molecular gastromony journey started with goat cheese popsicles and truffle oil popcorn,

Photo courtesy of Uncle Ronny's Montreal Blog

It was followed by smoked prosciutto hanging on a clothes line and  some type of fried cheese amuse-bouche. As they served the fried cheese, the waiter tried to lighten the mood by saying said "now for the cigars" which really did not fly with the group since we all work in oncology. Talk about an awkward moment. (sorry no pics)

Can't remember what this was
Lobster cappuccino, strange combination but every last drop was yummy.
The appetizer:

For those of use who ordered this, we had a moment of "what they hell, this is it?" Then the waiter poured the cream base.

Please note at this point in time my skirt was starting to become tighter and tighter.

wondering what this is?

Under all this foam was a sorbet made of apple, cucumber, and aomikan to cleanse our palette.

The main dish:

Risotto with Giant Scallops

I really had difficulty finishing this because I was literally full.  My coworker had to unzip her skirt a bit and I just kept hiking the waist of my skirt up just so I can breath.

And when you thought there couldn't be anymore food, then the fondue came

Yes, we each had our own fondue pot

 Now on to the journey of sweetness

A variety of mini desserts, and yes we each got our own plate. I gave my  fondue to my manager and she gave me her dessert

Loved this one, chocolate mousse wrapped in pop-rocks, talk about childhood memories
Pineapple/coconut rum shooter

Yes that is cotton candy, and we wondered by they gave us new spoons
But of course our journey into sweetness was not finished:

Now we understood why we got new spoons

And at the end of the dinner all the ladies got some dessert to take home

Oh and I forgot to show you guys my final outfit choice:

I kept the gold skirt and Betsey Johnson shoes but opted for a different lace top.  It's actually a lace dress from BCBG, but I think it makes a better top than dress (I'm kinda of embarrassed I actually forgot I had this).  My take away lesson after this dinner, next year I am opting for something with an elastic waist.

♥ Viv

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