Thursday, 27 December 2012

Last Friday's One Day Bay Sale

For those who are loyal customers to the Bay, you guys probably know what the one day Bay sale was last Friday (Dec 21, 2012).  For those who don't (even though this is a little late, I figure I would share with you guys anyways).  Last Friday, the Bay had a one day Sale on luggage and Lily was in the market for some luggage with a potential upcoming sister-sister trip.  I had luggage for myself, but we realized that a second set would be needed if we were to traveled together. 

This is how the day went:

6:30 AM: I checked my email and saw the one day Bay Sale: 2-piece Samsonite luggage for $119.99
6:35 AM: Woke Lily up in a typical sister-sister fashion. Then we proceeded to debated if we should go to the store and pick one up in person or place an order online (when I say we here I meant my mom and Lily).
6:45 AM: We decided to place an order online, Lily did all the tapping while I was getting dressed for work.
7:00 AM: Order placed and discussed a back up plan.

The back up plan: In case the online order arrived damaged or there was an error in inventory, I said it would be a good idea to go to the store and pick up a second set just in case (plus we can always return one set). Plus since it was so close to X-mas, the Bay was open at 8:00 AM.

Yes, I am a little OCD when it comes to shopping. I am constantly checking for damage or flaws not only in the item itself but sometimes the packaging as well.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit, but a couple of times when I mentioned the box was damage the SA would say "Are you buying the product or the box?".

9:00 AM: Lily calls me at work to ask what color they should get at the store, and that people were just grabbing everything and anything.
9:30 AM: Lily managed to lug the second set home.

The end result:

Samsonite Venue Luggage Set

Because it was just a great deal, we decided to keep both sets. The week before, when were were perusing the Bay in preparation for our boxing day shopping I had picked up the medium sized luggage and it had a price tag of $570! Getting a carry on and the medium sized luggage  for $119.99 was definitely a steal!

Keep checking in if you want to see our boxing day haul!

 ♥ Viv & Lily

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