Friday, 7 December 2012

It's the season of X-mas Parties

Yup it's that time again, the office X-mas party season has arrived.  I use the term "season" because working in the hospital you can get invited to multiple parties. Last year I think someone got invited to 10!  I usually get invited to about 2-4 of of them.  Two of them are mandatory because 1 of the 2 is my department dinner, which pretty much the whole department attends (hey who would turn down a 5 star dinner?). The second one is our office potluck which I would more describe as a food gluttony festival because usually there is so much food left over that we survive on the left overs on  the days leading up to X-mas break. No cute outfit required, just your appetite and stretchy pants.

The other 2 parties are optional, although we are highly encouraged to make an appearance.  This year I opted to skip the hematology one just because that week I was exhausted (two words: Justin Bieber)  and I really didn't want to figure out an outfit to wear. But that is the party to be at if you really want witness MDs have fun. And then there is the wine and cheese party at the research institute which I inadvertently attended yesterday in the process of dropping off some contracts. 

I'm always tempted to go out and buy a new outfit or at least part of an outfit when fun occasions pop up, but this year I'm really hoping to find a complete outfit in my closet.

Last year I said that, because I decided last minute to attend the hematology party. But the idea of finding a complete outfit in my closet went out the window.  I found the skirt in my closet but was missing a top and on top of that I got a petticoat made because the skirt look like it was lacking some oomph.  This year I'm determined to stick with what's in my closet, although I did spot a cute feathery skirt.

Let's start with the shoes, I already decided to wear these Betsey Johnson peep-toe ankle booties. Hopefully the snow will hold off a bit longer, because I hate wearing a cute outfit and chunky winter boots.  I know I can change once at the restaurant but it's just annoying.

The Shoes

My options

I really had my heart set on the gold skirt I picked up at Club Monaco. Something about it screams HOLIDAYS. But I'm not sure what to pair it with.

Club Monaco gold skirt

 Here are some inspiration looks I found online

Unfortunately I don't have a cream white blouse

Nor a crisp black blouse

Here are my options:

Esprit Lace top

Forever 21 blouse

I'm not in love with either options, but I think they're viable options.

What do you guys think, gold skirt with a black lace top or the black skirt with the white blouse? 

♥ Viv

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