Monday, 31 December 2012

Boxing Day Haul Part 3

Here is what I hope to be our last post on our Boxing Day haul.  Assuming we can stay out of the stores until I go back to work.  Our first pit stop on our boxing day itinerary was the BCBG factory store, where I was lucky enough to put stuff on hold and avoid a massive line up (I guess I am a that much of a frequent client).  The BCBG factory store use to be my hidden gem, my go to spot for everything I needed for a special occasion, where I can get the most bang for my buck. But my hidden gem is slowly becoming more popular and I'm sure blogging about it doesn't help keep this place a secret. Every year the BCBG factory store has 50% off the last ticket price on everything in the store, we literally spend hours there going through the racks and trying on clothes.

I must admit though, this year seems to be the year of Lily, she made out like a bandit. 

First off the accessories:

I spotted this necklace on the mannequin,  I must admit is a lot of necklace, it's actually really cute on and the best part is you can take it apart and it becomes 2 necklaces.  The down side is I already own the pearl necklace alone, but I can live with it.

Of course I needed luggage tags for the new luggage we purchased

Only the brown belt is mine, the rest is all Lily's
Lily picked up these 2 pairs of flats.
First the leopard print gloves and now the leopard print shoes, I think she's slowly becoming obsessed with the animal print.

Now on to the clothes

Lily's purchases and yes that is the back of the blue sweater.

Viv's purchases, the tops
the bottoms
These belong to both of us, apparently we're going to try sharing
Lily has a good way to convince me to buy something, she'll often be like "but we can share them". Truth be told we are horrible sharers, we never master the concept of sharing properly as kids.  I think to avoid hearing us fight all the time my parents just pretty much bought 2 of everything.  Even as adults we still have issues sharing.  I'm kinda of OCD with my stuff, I don't like snags, stains, or any type of damage to my stuff; I like to keep things as pristine as possible. Lily always complains that I stretch things out.

 ♥ Viv & Lily

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