Sunday, 30 December 2012

Boxing Day Haul Part 2

The second pit stop on our boxing day itinerary was the Bay (no surprise there).  Well technically it was sorta of our 3rd.  We actually finished shopping at Club Monaco around 10:30 (that's how slim the women's selection was this year, I swear last year we spent like 2.5 hours in there). Grabbed a quick bit and decided to  check out Sephora, I had received an email about some $12 specials they have on boxing day only.   I didn't really need anything but since the items were $12,  I was really tempted  to pick up one of each item.  Plus we were second in line, but as 12 o'clock came and went the doors remained closed.  I guess Sephora wasn't opening by noon, we decided to wait a little more just in case they would open early, but we had to abandon the mission at 12:45 in order to head towards the Bay for 1.

The deal at the Bay: an additional 40% off on any item on sale, clearance or liquidation.  Select regular price items were 60% off and winter boots were 50% off.

Here is what Lily and I manage to snag after she made me run up the escalator like a man women. And once I again I also found that the selection was kinda of meh.

3 Items

I picked up the following sweater from Sandro after much debate. I loved it, but didn't love the price, even after all the discounts I still kinda of found it steep.

Bow sweater from Sandro
Initial we grabbed a whole bunch of items, but once we tried everything on, nothing was too our likening. So our second attempt at the racks I manage to find this top for Lily.  I was kinda of on the fence about this one too, but Lily convinced me to buy it by saying "it's something we can share".

Patterson J Kincaid
We also picked up a bath robe and PJs for my mom.  After the Bay we were pretty much done and decided to pick up our purchases from BCBG and then  head home and pick up my mom. After a quick 30 min break we headed went to Galeries d'Anjou where I picked up this dress:

Rachel Roy
Typically I'm not a fan of Rachel Roy clothing, her stuff is cute, but sometimes there is just a little too much going on.  Plus I noticed with American designers, there cut is a little weird. Is it just me or do other fellow Canadians find that American Designers cut big?  I have the same issue with DNKY, Calvin Klein, Anne Kline, and Michael Kors.  But there was something about the pattern that made me want it

I think I have an obsession with birds.

Yesterday we hit the Bay in Laval, where we picked up these:

Starting on the left going clock wise, I picked up a wool skirt from Free the People, a silk blouse from Juicy Couture. Lily desperately wanted this burgundy dress from Free the people.  She found 2 on the rack but one had a hole and the second one was sewn crooked in the front. She had to accept the fact  that  she was not going to get  the dress, but lady luck was on her side.  As we were leaving the Bay, she spotted the dress on a mannequin, after getting a SA to stripped the mannequin she quickly tried it and it was flaw free so we purchased it. She also got a pair of pants from Material Girl.

We also stopped by Bath and Body works in the hopes of getting some dirt cheap hand soap, but the store was practically barren. We managed to snap up a couple of bottles.

Stay tune for our last haul.

 ♥ Viv & Lily

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