Friday, 30 November 2012

You Can Find it at the Bay

That's right, I or shall I say we <3 the Bay. It's basically one of my major go to stores a for everything and anything.  At one point my motto was "you can find it at the Bay". 

For some bizarre reason people have the image of the Bay as a place were senior citizens shop, it's completely not.  Mind you the Bay has really stepped up their game the last couple of years, the downtown store in MTL is like my HG shopping pitstop.  Every time someone asked me where I got something, for instance shoes and I tell them at the Bay, their expression is always a stunned and shocked followed by "Really you found that at the Bay?"

The last couple of years  the Bay have been having Bay Days near the holidays, where every day there is one particular item ridiculously discounted.  We all know that is marketing ploy to lure us into the store in the hopes of making other purchases.  And I must admit it works majority of the time.

You can thank Lily for suggesting this series of posts:
Lily: "Hey, we should keep track and blog about all our Bay Day purchases up until xmas"
Me: "Ok, sure"

Our Bay Day purchases
This first Bay Day purchases is a combination of 2 days. If memory serves me right, the Bay Day purchase on Tuesday was a Guess winter jacket. I'm not a fan of Guess so that didn't entice me to go to the Bay, it was my mom's constant nagging of wanting to go shopping that got us to the Bay that day.   Tuesday the majority of winter coats where 50% off,  I was in the market for a new coat, but I was looking for something a little more casual and ideal  for something a little more active like hiking  (i.e a north face jacket). Instead I ended up with this coat by Laundry instead: It was 50% off plus I had a $25 savings card, but I'm still on the fence if I should keep it or return it? What do you guys think?

Today the Bay Day purchase was: a Glucksteinhome European down queen duvet.

But that was not our main reason for why we went to the Bay, we had gone downtown for some holiday shopping, after browsing a couple of stores we ended up at the Bay.  The shoe department was a complete chaos, the majority of winter boots were 40% off combined with the fact that if you used your Bay card for the purchase you got an additional 25% off.  Somehow among the chaos I manage to snag a pair of new winter boots.

Apparently they're waterproof!

I agonized over the purchase because the boots where $370, did I really need to spend that much on boots? throw in the fact that I would only get the 25% discount, it just didn't seal the deal for me (remember I'm a sale girl at heart). But on the other hand my current winter boots are on their last leg and my mom was like just buy them you need new boots anyways. Lady luck was on my side because when I caved and decided to purchase the boots, they were actually reduced to $270, with the additional 25% off, so I only paid $241. Major score.

Then we decided to check out the winter coats, and as luck would have it  all coats were moved to the 5th floor. On our way we passed by the bedding section where I briefly mentioned that if anyone needs a duvet they're on sale. I knew my mom was in the market for a new duvet, but apparently Lily also needed one.  

Lily has a queen bed but a single blanket, in her head that worked but when I told her, her logic was cracked she didn't believe me (it didn't help that a lady at IKEA overheard our conversation and said she did the same thing). And now she understands  because apparently now that it's winter she's really cold. I made a beeline to the duvet section where there a group of people huddled around the bay day item of the day. I quickly grabbed one and chucked it at Lily in order to nab a second one for my mom. Hey there were only 4 left, I needed to be quick; rule of all sales grab and then decided.  The duvets were a real steal, originally they were marked $400 and for today only they were marked down to $129.99.

We managed to nab 2 just in time

They originally cost $400.

My new winter gear
 ♥ Viv & Lily

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