Thursday, 22 November 2012

Vendredi Noir

Or to the rest of the world, this is known as Black Friday.  I think Black Friday was only an American thing until the last couple of years.  I remember seeing all the crazy deals online  and getting super jealous that were only available in the States. Well times are changing and I guess Canada is finally cashing in on Black Friday as well, but of course the deals will never be as great as the ones across the border.

The one that caught my eye,  for the second year in the row was:

Photo: It may be our annual Black Friday Sale but we're feeling pretty Pink!
Xoxo Team PB 

Of course I had to stop by.  It was basically calling me plus I really needed to replace my first 2 pairs of ballerina flats that I have worn into the ground.  Yet for some reason I can't bare to let them go.

I'll post a shoe haul later this week.

♥ Viv

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