Thursday, 29 November 2012

Swag Swag

If you couldn't guess by the title of the post, here are a couple of other hints:

  1. Sister -Sister Event #3 of 2012
  2. November 26, 2012
  3. Bell Center, Montreal.

That's right I'm not ashamed to admit it, I was at the Justin Bieber concert with Lily Monday night and we had a BLAST.  These concert outings started out as having to chaperon Lily, but they have evolved into sister-sister bonding time.  Maybe it's also a way for me to re-live my youth, I never got to go to concerts when I was younger.

I am not a huge Justin Bieber fan, let's face it I'm  not his target demographic, but Lily is definitely now a Bieber (if you ask me I think she was a closet Bieber prior to the believe tour).  Regardless of what the review say, we both agree that the Bieber definitely knows how to put on a good performance, we were both thoroughly well entertained the whole night (it was definitely worth our money).

 I read some reviews about his concert and man people are harsh, let's just say Bieber is not feeling the love from his fellow Canucks.  First he gets booed at the Grey Cup half time show and then gets crap on his attire when he met the Prime Minster.

I never really paid much attention to critics reviews and for some bizarre reason I decided to check out some reviews on the Justin Bieber's Believe tour and man I never realized how harsh critics can be. Some comments such as "...he's just ordinary... Never say Never was just white noise...weak singing voice...drowned out by masses of screaming fans".  I don't know what goes into reviewing a concert,  but I feel like if you're a middle age guy being assigned to review his concert obviously you are not going to like it let alone enjoy it.

If you're expecting Justin to hit every note and be pitch perfect, let's be realistic that is not going to happen at the Bell Centre. The Bell Centre is a hockey arena where 80% of the time people are shouting "Go Habs Go", it's not designed for sound waves to bounce off surfaces in order to get the most optimal sound (yes there is a whole science behind this).  If that is what you're expecting maybe you should hit up Places des Arts and different artist. 

My limited kareokee experience has shown me how hard it is to really sing, throw in the fact that the kid is dancing and running around stage obviously he is not going to sound as great as he does on CD.  In my opinion a lot of people can sing, but not a lot of people can really perform and put on a show. I personally think the major criteria for judging a concert like his should be the crowd's reaction, was he able to get the crowd jumping out of their seats and waving their arms? Did they end up losing their voice at the end of night from all the screaming? And Justin Bieber definitely accomplished that Monday night; Lily and I were out of our seats, jumping and waving our arms, singing along, and attempting to swag along with him. 

Look at the massive crowd chanting and waiting for JB to appear

I think this was the only one concert that I have been to that  promptly started at 7 on the dot. The show opened with

An added bonus, I <3 the Wanted
 One reviewer's comment in essence suggested that The Wanted was half an act because they were the only boy band that didn't dance. That was a little harsh, but seriously saying, I don't think all boy bands need to dance, they were a little quirky on stage, but in a good I'm having fun way.

Next up: Carly Rae Jepsen, another fellow Canuck

I don't really listen to her, so the only song I kinda of knew was the "Call me Maybe" song. 
For some reason my brain is too lazy to remember song lyrics even if I've listen to the song for about 100 times.  I think it's a sign for some unknown neurological disorder, CW says my brain is just lazy.  I usually remember the chorus but Lily disagrees and says "more like you remember 1 line of the chorus". So before these sister-sister events I usually have to do my homework. I.E youtube all the videos and try to memorize the lyrics so I quote unquote "don't embarrass her".

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth, who happened to be in the pit with the other die hard fans

An hour later, Justin made his grand entrance.

Yup those are wings alright, he made one sick entrance

Lily really drools each time she sees this pic
The typical up-close moment for the fans with sitting further away
They really did not spare any expenses
The End
The stage was well designed, you were able to see what was going on pretty much no matter where you sat. Overall Lily and I think he did what he set out to do get the crowd on their feet, wave their arms, and sing along.

Lily and I can't decide who's concert had the loudest screaming fans was it Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber? But I think Justin may have edged Taylor out, but next July there is a great new contender: One Direction.

♥ Viv & Lily

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