Sunday, 11 November 2012

So I'm not a V.I.B anymore

I had been waiting for the Sephora  friend's & family  for weeks, on several blogs I read that it was suppose to happen on October 18.  October 18 came and went and I got nothing in my email nor did I see any Sephora hauls on the usual bloggers that I visit on a daily basis.  

Turns out that this year the F&F event was really just for F&F of Sephora employees and Sephora was having a separate event for the V.I.B.  A week before the event was scheduled to happen, word around the blog-sphere leaked that the event would be happening Nov. 18.
I was obsessively checking my email for it, but it never came.  I texted B and wonder if she got it, she did and I was like what the hell.  After a quick call to Sephora turns out that I was no longer a V.I.B.

I don't know how I managed to avoid Sephora for about a year, but apparently I did because I didn't spend the required $350 to remain a V.I.B. But thanks to B, I was able to be her plus one. 

My initial plan was to place an order online, but in Canada we had to go in stores (this sucks big time, seriously why can't Canadians use this promo online?). But since I couldn't my Sephora wish list was dramatically reduced, which was good thing in the end. 

I was tempted by a lot of things, like the hourglass opaque lip gloss, kabuki brush, and stocking up on some items just to take advantage of the promo.  But I stayed strong and walked away.

What's in my Sephora V.I.B bag?

My Purchases

I picked these up for Little J

I picked up the Boscia Black Thermal cleanser, I was completely intrigued by the Boscial Black line when I tried the Boscia black luminizing mask. So I had to pick up the cleanser.  Out of curiosity I also picked up the Boscia Pore Striped and topped my Boscia products off with Boscia blotting papers. Then I threw in the Fairy Drops mascara, I know I'm being a complete hypocrite, in the past I have said that I refuse to buy non-drug store mascara. But the Fairy Drops one claims to be not only water proof but sweat resistance.  I have this pesky problem of where I end up with raccoon eyes half way threw the day.  Maybe this will be my HG mascara?

I had a tube of Too Faced shadow insurance in my basket as well, but ditched it while waiting to pay. I figured out that I still have half a tube and really didn't need another tube at this moment. Plus if I did run out, it would force me to use up all my concealers, paintpots, and samples of eye primers I have in stock. 

What did you guys pick up at the V.I.B event?

♥ Viv

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