Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Damage at Holt Renfrew

Last week Christmas came early at Holt Renfrew; they had a promotion where you received a certain percentage of your purchase back in the form of a gift card.  With promotions like this, it's very easy to get carried away.  But I remained strong especially since I went in with the mind set of "buy what I only really need" plus I really want to plow through most of my products before purchasing new ones.

My damage:

See I was a good girl, completely remained in control.  I thought this promotion would have been the perfect opportunity to purchase all the Karl Lagerfeld products on my wish list, but when I actually say the products in person I realized how impractical they actually were for my life style.

The eye shadow palettes were too shimmery and sparkly, if I was a party girl I would have definitely picked up the prestigious bordeaux palette; unfortunately I'm not, so passed.  I was almost swayed by the packaging, but I stayed strong, plus CW was like you don't need anymore eye shadows.  I was tempted to pick up the  rouge unlimited lipstick in the shade "mon shu girl", but when I swatched it, it was actually more coral pink than red. It reminded me of MAC's amplified which I possess, so I passed. 

I also passed on the cleansing oil and the only think I purchased from the Karl Lagerfeld collection was:

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Eye lash curler

I know, pretty sad.

The holidays are the perfect time to stock up on products, because most brands release holiday gift sets and Shu Uemura always has gift sets for their skin care products.

This year I picked up the age prevention: red:juvenus set, cost $120 which is the price of the cream alone on a regular day. The set contains  a full sized red:juvenus vitalizing retexturizing cream alone along with travel sized red:juvenus vitalizing refining lotion (AKA a toner), the new ultime8 sublime cleansing oil and a deluxe sample of the red:juvenus vitalizing retexturizing night cream. 

red:juvenus Trial Set

The only down side is compared to the depsea hydrability set I picked up last year, I noticed the toner and cleansing oil decreased in size (is shu becoming a little stingy?)

See what I mean, smaller portions.
And last but not least I picked up the new tsuya youthful radiance generator essence, which apparently has become Shu's number one selling product once it was released.  It claims to "reactivate your skin’s youth regeneration".

Tsuya Youthful Radiance generator essence

 And last but not least because I spent at least $225 I got a limited edition Mon Shu Tote! and on top of that because CW and I were such loyal customers we were offered free Shu Uemura Facials!

My Limited edition Mon Shu Girl Tote

♥ Viv

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