Monday, 12 November 2012

Crazy about Crocheting

If you follow us on instagram, you may have recently noticed that Lily and I have been crocheting a little bit obsessively.   

If you don't follow us on instragram and wanna a peek into our daily lives (not in a creepy way), feel free to click on links on the side.

What got us into the crochet craze? The culprit: people's blogs and instragrams, I kept seeing pictures of DIY crochet infinity scarfs or what the Brits refer to as a snood and I thought "I think I can do that" and of course Lily jumped on the band wagon as well.  Crocheting is actually a great past time when you're feeling under the weather.  After we got our supplies and got into our crocheting mind set and the end results:

Yes, we crocheted 5 infinity scarfs

I told you we went a little crazy, Lily may have gone overboard because we starting crocheting on a Sat and she was dead set on completing a scarf by Mon. As sisters we may have gotten a little obsessive with this DIY project, since we both completed a scarf each by Mon night (Lily may have gone over board since she apparently stayed up into the wee hours of the night crocheting). 

These are my 2 infinity scarfs:

Viv's infinity scarfs

The first I was inspired by the a photo that I saw on Lil Lady's life on instagram which referred me to the recipe on Shopaholic Jo's blog.  The end rest:

Infinity Scarf number 1
I really should have listen to everyone's suggestions and chained 90 or 100, but I really thought it wasn't long enough and decided to chain 150. Which as you can tell ended up too long because I can wrap this scarf around me 3 times. I'm nice and toasty but it is bulky as hell.

For the second one, I followed the recipe of the Stingy Stitcher, which apparently is a knock off of a Forever 21 scarf.

Infinity Scarf number 2, and yes those are my PJs
Be warned this pattern uses up a lot of yarn, I used 3 balls and it only wraps around twice.

Lily's infinity scarfs:

Lily's infinity scarfs

Following the same recipe of Shopaholic Jo, Lily crocheted the mint green for herself and blue infinity scarf for her bestie. If you're wondering Lily decided to chain 200.

Lily's infinity scarf number 1

Lily infinity scarf number2

For 3 of the scarfs we used the same stitch; the UK treble stitch or known as the US double stitch but different hook sizes; look at the difference it makes:

Same stitch different hook sizes

I think I'll tackle a hat next. 

♥ Viv & Lily

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