Tuesday, 9 October 2012

September Empties

Here are my September empties, I would have liked to have gone through more products but at least my empties bag wasn't well empty!

A total of 6 products: 5 empties and 1 tossed.

Tatcha Blotting paper: You can read my thoughts about them here.  To sum it up so far I think the Boscia blotting paper are just as good. Currently using the evening charcoal Tatcha Blotting, once I'm done with those I will give you guys a full review. I probably won't be repurchasing this.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting spray: You can read my thoughts about this here. After pain staking using this on a daily basis, I finally finished the bottle.  To be honest, I'm not completely sold on this, I remembered loving this during the Winter, but now I'm just not sold. I noticed especially where the most concentrated part of the spray would hit my face, I would see my makeup separating from my skin. Even after I quickly used a fan brush to take off any excess, I tried using a spraying over a tissue method and basically thought that was a great way to waste product. Basically this really didn't make my makeup last any longer, in fact I found it to make my makeup messier through out the day. I will definitely not be repurchasing this.

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel: You can read my thoughts here. To keep it short and simple, I will definitely will not be be repurchasing this. I completely hated it.

Guerlain's Parure  Compact Foundation: This really didn't make an impression on me.  It wasn't bad, I did enjoy using it, but it is definitely not a holy grail for me. I mainly used this in the summer on top of the Shu Uemura UV base, it provided decent coverage, but I'm curious if there is a better product out there? Any recommendations? I picked this up at the bi-annual Guerlain warehouse sale for $22, if I can score it for that price again, I probably would repurchase it, but I'm not willing to brave the cold anymore, you can read why here. At regular price, I probably wouldn't re-purchase it.

Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial moisturizing hand lotion in the scent Fresh Market Apple. Love these hand creams, but not this scent. I would not re-purchase this scent, it's not the same as the Autumn Apple scent.

And now for the product that I tossed: The Guerlain Kiss Kiss stick gloss. Yes it a tester, but I received this in the surprise bag I managed to score at the Guerlain warehouse sale one year. Another reason I'll probably skip the warehouse sale this year, is because B and I have noticed every time we have gone to the sale in hopes of scoring a surprise bag we find out they were all sold out during the VIP (Friends and Family) night. Seriously, I think Guerlain should package up some extra ones for us regular folks who brave the cold for hours!

Shade 920: Red Jelly

I have come to realization I think I much more of a lip gloss person than I am of a lip stick person. The Guerlain Kiss Kiss stick gloss is a perfect hybrid of the 2. The reason I'm tossing this is because I think it's way pass its expiration, it has does not go on as smoothly as it should (bought a real one at the sale) and it has a funky smell, a good indication that I should toss it.

I know most makeup products have set expiration dates, but to be honest who is capable of using up an eyeshadow palette in within 2 years. So instead of throwing money down the drain, my rule of thumb is if the texture is no longer the same and if there is a strange smell I would probably toss it. 

Does everyone follow the expiration rules?

  ♥ Viv

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