Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sephora's Friends and Family Event-Wish List

If what I'm reading on other blogs is correct, the Sephora Friends and Family Event is just around the corner, Oct 18th to be exact. I always get so excited when this event is around the corner, when else would you get 20% off cosmetics?  But this event also will get me into to trouble, I tend to buy things that I don't really need but want to try out of curiosity since I have 20% off. 

Read on to find out what is on my wish list.

Boscia Fashionably Matt $26 CAD

Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Paper $6 CAD
I actually really like the Boscia blotting papers, the Boscia Fashionably Matt appears to be a holiday gift set and comes with a holder. And with the Sephora F&F event, it's the perfect opportunity to snatch  some up. 

Boscia Thermal Black Cleanser Price?
 I have always been curious to try the Boscia Thermal black cleanser but it's no longer listed on the Sephora website. Does anyone know why?  Is it being discontinued? I still spotted it in stores last week, I was hoping to be able to just accumulate enough items and place and online purchase but it seems like I may need to make a pit stop at Sephora after all.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask $41 CAD

I love the Bosica luminizing black mask, but I have yet to finish my current tube. Lily and I use to do it on a weekly basis, but we noticed that after the first 4 weeks it doesn't seem to be pulling out as much "impurities" (AKA black/white heads) as it initially did.  So I switched to using it once a month instead, and then B later confirmed that it's because we already pulled out the majority of our "impurities" and we were pretty much wasting product so instead of using it weekly we should just us it monthly.  I technically still have some left, should I pick one up anyways?

Too Face Sweet Indulgence Palette $62 CAD
I'm half way through my second tube of my Too Face shadow insurance eye primer, and this is a perfect excuse to pick up this palette. In my head, I think it's so much more of a better deal to buy the holiday gift set then the primer itself.  The primer is $25 and the palette that comes with a full sized primer is only $62, with the 20% discount the palette is only ~$42 (for an extra $20 I get so much more).  The only problem is I don't need more eyeshadows (although I do like some of the shades that are listed in the palette) and as per the description on the Sephora site, it's the candlelight version of the primer (it has a shimmer to it, I would say its equivalent to the Urban Decay's Sin) which is not the one I want.

Did I also mention I never quite finished anything from my previous Too Face holiday palette I picked up 2 years ago. 

Fairy Drop mascara $28
I have been reading rave reviews on the Fairy Drop mascara, it claims to be water proof and sweat resistant.  I have oily lids so I find that most mascara tends to migrate all over my eyes through out the day. I'm dying to try this, but the only problem is am I willing to drop $28 on mascara?

OCC Lip Tar $60 CAD
I must admit that I have been quite fascinated my the OCC lip tars, throw in the fact that they were pretty much not available in Canada until recently just made them more desirable for me. They retail for $19 individual and with the holiday gift set you get 5 for $60.  With the F&F discount it screams pick one up, so what's the problem? I am really actually not a lipstick person, I much prefer lip glosses and I have yet to finish any god damn lip products in my collection.  So currently I'm on the fence about this one.

And for the last product on my wish list the Tarina Tarntino brush set, I read on temptalia that Sephora is no longer going to carry the line, so it's the perfect time to snatch up some products.

Tarina Tarntino Flush Brush set on sale for $50.

Do I need more brushes, not really, but I do need another blending brush equivalent to my MAC 217. 

I'm thinking I should keep all my makeup and beauty product purchases until the holiday season, you seem to get so much more with the holiday gift sets. But sometimes its just so nice to pick up a beauty product every now and then.

  ♥ Viv

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