Sunday, 16 September 2012

Seriously what is the purpose of this light?

This weekend some how ended up to be my baby shower shopping weekend.  How I got sucker into shopping for 3 baby showers is beyond me. It's like my own real life episode of Sex and the City.  Well one doesn't count since it's my friend, but the duel baby shower at work, seriously I think that the people with actual kids should have done the shopping. Is this my punishment for my amazing shopping skills?  

As I was driving today, I had a nagging feeling that this would happen.  

Warning: this post has nothing to do with fashion or makeup but I needed people's opinion. 
And it did, on my way to grab some brunch after completing the shopping for baby shower #1 this happen:

Service Engine Soon

The check engine light came on.   I interpret the check engine light  as a warning:

"Stop operating the vehicle, you have a problem that needs to verified by a certified mechanic".  

Typically I would, swear,  stop driving and bring it back to the dealership ASAP for them to diagnose the problem. Yes I know that's I'm crazy for bringing back to the dealership and yes I know if the light is solid I can still drive the car, the car really should not be driven if the light is flashing. But I'm paranoid about being on the road when there could be a potential problem. For those who know me, know I go to the most extreme and quite possibly implausible worst case scenarios.

This is not the first time the check engine light has come on for me and one time I was discussing this at work, I learnt most of my coworkers just keep driving when the light comes on.  Which was a total shock to me. 

Me: Really, but the light means there is a problem with your car should you not go check it out?

Co-worker #1: The check engine light has been on for about a year, my dad told me the light was defective.

Co-worker #2: The light comes on and off randomly, but I still drive my car.

Seriously what is the purpose of the check engine light, if people still keep driving when the light is on? Is it just me? am I being too paranoid with the check engine light?

Thank god one of my co-workers,  Charlie is a jack of all trades.  He often helps me diagnosis my car problems and fix little things with my car (he helped me pop out my bumper when I got rear ended).  He hooked up his little computer and told me the light came on due to a problem with one of the sensor . He assured me that my car is still safe to drive and will not explode.

Do you guys still drive your car when the check engine light comes on?

 ♥ Viv

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