Monday, 3 September 2012

Madonna and a Victoria secret Angel yup that was our Thursday

So this past Thursday was our Sister-Sister Event #2 of 2012, if you live in the MTL area you would know that meant Madonna was in town. I had arranged to leave work early so I could catch a quick power nap before the concert. It's Madonna so I was expecting that she would most probably not start on time. 

Thursday also happened to be the day of the grand opening of the Victoria Secret store in Laval, to be honest I didn't even know about this event until Lily texted me asking me if we could go because one of the angels was making an appearance. 

There goes  my nap, I really didn't think we would have time to go to Laval and then downtown if you factored in the unpredictable traffic in MTL. But Lily wanted to meet the Victoria Secret angel so I said we can attempt to meet the Victoria Secret angel.  Were we successful?

Warning: This is a picture heavy post.

When we arrived at Laval, we waited approximately 90 mins in line, surprisingly 80% of the people in line were females.

The line infront of Victoria Secret

Lily got super excited as we made it into the store

And then we finally met the Victoria Secret model: 

Erin Heatherson

I had to sneak the pic but got caught, but luckily I still got the shot. Meet and Greet with a Victoria Secret Angel was a success.

We each got an autograph

 Then we made our way towards the Bell Centre for Madonna.  There were tons of people/concert goers/fans outside already: Now these are some hardcore fans

I'm always so envious of fans who go the extra step, I'm just not one of those people who will ever dress up or make signs.  At a concert I want to be as comfy as possible and holding the least amount of stuff in my hands.

I have to admit we are not huge Madonna fans, but this was one concert I felt we should see just for the sake that it's Madonna. Everyone should see a Madonna concert once in their life if possible right?  She's 54 and could retire at any moment.

Typically I attempt to either buy floor or red section tickets, but Madonna's prices were astronomical, so max I was willing to spend $89. But the red seats  at that price level we kept getting were practically at the back of the stage, which I thought was silly, who wants to see the back of the performer? but people bought them anyways. 

We somehow managed to get seats that at least faced the stage even though they were in the nosebleed section so we jumped at the chance and purchased the tickets.  Madonna  at $60 each, why the hell not.  I just didn't realize how far back we were. I guess it could have been worst, we could have been in the last row of the stadium instead of the second to last.

Our view of the stage: The view was amazing, especially for how her concert was designed but the sound was muffled and everyone just looked small. But we still enjoyed ourselves.

A Montreal based company Moment Factory, actually teamed up with Madonna and designed the multimedia portion of her world tour . They also designed her Super Bowl half time show.  All we have to say is wow, Lily and I have not seen a concert like this ever.  Moment Factory is a company that "specializes in creating multimedia environments that combine video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create a remarkable experiences".

The opening act was a DJ: Martin Solveig

I have no idea who he is, but Lily was like he's the guy that sings the song "Hello".  All I have to say it that Martin Solveig was much more enjoyable compared to DJ Pauly D.  When DJ Pauly D opened for Britney I wanted to shoot myself because I was on the verge of getting a head ache. No offense Pauly D, fist-pumping music is not my thing.

Here are some shots I captured during the MDNA concert, her whole show had religious overtones.

Yes those are Drummers floating in the air

Yes she mooned us, but it had a political statement: "Free Pussy Riot"

The last song
I/we have never been to a Madonna concert before so we don't really have anything to compare it to, but her concert is definitely a show.  Rumor has it she pulled into MTL with 30 trucks.  I have never seen such an intricate production/stage with so many moving parts. 

She sang songs mostly from her new album, which we both were not too familiar with, we really should have studied it more before the concert.  Concerts are much more funner when you know the songs, Lily is pretty good with all the teeny bopper concerts, if it's someone she really likes she literally makes me study the lyrics and sing along with the song in the car so I quote "Don't embarrass her". We can only imagine what her concerts would be like when she was younger, but at the age of 54 Madonna can definitely still entertain.

Here is a clip of the MDNA multimedia experience:

Madonna MDNA World Tour - Teaser from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

 ♥ Viv & Lily

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