Monday, 17 September 2012

I'm Obessed....I Want...Mon Shu Girl.

I really don't need anymore makeup, I really don't but every once in a while there comes a collection that I want.  One of my favorite brands Shu Uemura teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld and created a capsule collection that is set to launch in October.  I caught a glimpse of the teaser video and I want a Mon Shu Girl.

There is something about her that, she borders on cute and slightly creepy but in a good way.  After googling for previews of the collection Rouge Deluxe has some pretty good pics. I'm attracted to the Smoky Bordeaux palette, in the pics the eyeshadows appear glittery and shimmery, not really appropriate for everyday where.  I won't judge until I see it in person, because I do know that Shu's glitter is very subtle, so maybe I can get away with it during the day.  My wish list is growing longer by the minute.  The travel brush set looks appealing, again I don't need more brushes.  Maybe the mousse UV under base, but I have a brand new bottle waiting to open. Maybe the cleansing oil?  I for sure want the eyelash curler, the only problem is, will I want to use it? It looks too cute to be used and maybe one day it'll be like an antique and be worth more than I paid.  I know wishful thinking.

I feel like I want to buy buy because it is a limited edition collection, is it just me or are you guys also motivated to snatch up as much as possible when it comes to limited edition collection?

 ♥ Viv

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