Monday, 10 September 2012

August Empties

I know I know we're already the second week of September, I really thought I could use up a couple of lingering products by the first week of September before I posted my August Empties post.  As you can tell, that so did not happen so here are my August empties:

Let's start off with my beloved Daiso detergent, you can read my thoughts about it here.  I'm down to three bottles and I have no idea what I will do when I have 0 bottles left.  It's seriously cuts down the time it takes me to wash my makeup brushes, especially the foundation brushes. 

On to the face products:

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (pink grapefruit foaming scrub): I'm not a huge fan of this Neutrogena product, I found this tended to dry my skin out even during the summer months where my skin is producing extra oil.  I  prefer the  classic Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash (pink grapefruit). I will probably not be repurchasing this face wash.

Shu Uemura refining vitalizing lotion: this is one my favorite toners, it's part of their age prevention line. It smells amazing.  I'm a sucker for Shu Uemura skin care products, they are my favorite skin care line. They just seem to work with my skin.  The only down side is the price, but if you luck out you can score this limited edition refining vitalizing lotion that is basically 3 times the size of the regular refining vitalizing lotion. The regular refining vitalizing lotion is 150 mL and will cost you $70 CAD (if memory serves me right), but every so often they release a limited edition one that is 450 mL for $110. I will be definitely be repurchasing this.

Benefit's Garden of Good & Eva Eau de toillette: It's a citrusy floral scent that I thought was perfect for the summer.  It has consist of the following notes: Top notes: pear, watermelon, ozone accords, muguet.  Middle notes: rosebud, jasmine petals, green violet leaves, freesia. Bottom notes: sandalwood, musk, cedarwood. The only down side is the scent does not last long what so ever. I will not be repurchasing this.

Benefit's Laugh with me Lee Lee Eau de toillette: It's described as a woody floral scent that consist of top notes: cassis, melon, citrus. Middle notes: black violet, lily, jasmine. Bottom notes: blonde wood, amber, santal.  At first spritz I was in love, then I spritz some one me and it just wasn't meshing with my pH or something because it didn't smell that great. I much prefer the Garden of Good & Eva. I will not be repurchasing this.

Bath & Body works Carried Away Body spray:  I really just bought this to layer with my D&G La Lune Eau de toillette.  Love the smell, but it soley served one person for me so I will not be re-purchasing this.

Bath & Body works Winter Candy Apple Triple Moisture Body Cream: Hands down this is my favorite scent from Bath&Body works, and I don't even like apples. It's not too fruity nor too sweet, a perfect balance of the two. I love using the triple moisture body cream during the winter.  If Bath & Body works will continue to release this scent, I will definitely repurchase.

Bath & Body works P.S I love you shower gel and body lotion: Half way through it, I couldn't stand the scent anymore. So I definitely will not be re-purchasing this scent.

Now I am proud to announce that I have actually finished some makeup products.

L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara (waterproof): I have to admit that I'm presently surprised by this mascara, but what I love most is the brush, the small round bomb shaped brush is perfect for me to get to my lower lashes and inner corner without smearing mascara all over my eye. It has a pretty long lasting power, and easily washes off.  I will be re-purchasing this.

Sephora Makeup Palette: Long story short, I really purchased this for 1 particular shade of purple. I know I could have just purchased that particular shade of purple alone, but in my head my logic went as followed: 1 single shade was $16, this whole palette of 50 shades of eye shadows, 5 blushes, and 10 lip glosses was $42. So I logically thought this was the better deal. Plus I had such a hard time tracking it down in Mtl, the moment I found it I pounced on it. So far I finished 3 eye shadows (only 47 more to go) and 1 blush. The eye shadow quality is ok, they don't exactly have the long lasting power, but they blend quite well. The blushes on the other hand are quite crap, they crumble easily. And as for the lipgloss, I didn't even bother to try them because as you can see, the palette is a mess, blush and eye shadow powder is all over the place. A major design flaw.  I will not be purchasing a Sephora palette, for that price point you can get something of better quality and even though it may have few shadows, at least they will be shades that will be used quite often.  As you can see the blue and colorful sections are barely touched.

Do you guys sometimes make irrational purchases?

 ♥ Viv

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