Sunday, 19 August 2012

Worst Customer Service Ever

Ever have one of those moments where you experience the worst customer service ever! Well this past week we experienced this with

That's right Little Burgundy I'm calling you out! because my frustration level went from a 2 to through the roof! I'm really not a disgruntle shopper who believes yelling at people will get you what you want, but seriously Little Burgundy I don't think you know what customer service is. Because after this fiasco I think you guys would feel the same way! 

This is how the fiasco unfolded

Received an e-mail from Little Burgundy that they were having an additional 50% off selected sale items.  After pursuing the sale section, I spotted a pair of orange Fred Perrys and a Juicy Couture Iphone case. Lily spotted a pair of converse and a hello kitty laptop case. 

Order was placed, then I find out that my Fred Perrys were out of stock and it was an inventory error (this irritated me a little but I was able to live with it).  I will never understand how these inventory mistakes can still happen! If Walmart can track every item that leaves it's stores down to the very second, all online retailers should be able to have accurate inventories!

Lily's converses arrived, followed by my iphone case, all that was left was the Hello Kitty laptop case.  This is were the fiasco starts, instead of this:

We received this:

 I know what you guys are thinking, WTF! because that was what I was thinking.  So Lily e-mailed Little Burgundy about this mix up, in response we get an email that states that we would get a response in 48 hours! I was a little annoyed by that, but we waited it out. 48 hours came and went and we still did not receive any emails from Little Burgundy. So I decided to call the customer service line; the 20 min wait on hold escalated my annoyance to pissed, after talking to the customer service agent (CS), I was extremely pissed.

This is a run down of how the conversation went:

CS: How can I helped you?

Viv: I placed an order for a Hello Kitty Laptop case, instead of the laptop case I received a pair of men's shoes.

CS: Oh...let me check your order,  can you provide me with your order number

Viv: In my head, I was thinking seriously, your response was Oh!

After verifying here were my 2 options:

CS: we can send you a pre-paid UPS label and you can ship the shoes back to us and then we will process a refund for you or you can bring the shoes back to a Little Burgundy and return them.

Viv: Seriously, this was your mistake and your asking me to either ship the shoes back or return them to a store in order to get a refund. You mean I have to take time out of my schedule to either bring them back to a store or drop them off at a UPS location for your mistake. This defeats the whole purpose of online shopping: convenience.

CS: Silence......Well you can call UPS to arrange for a pick up

Viv:  I'm at work during the day, how are they picking up at home. Yes I know I can call from work, but I work in a hospital and UPS is one of those couriers that don't come up to my department! I have to walk to the creepy basement of a completely different pavilion. The walk takes about 10 mins.

CS: well we obviously can't send someone to pick up the shoes from your house.

Viv:  In my head I was thinking, I know that, but you should compensate me for the inconvenience because the hello kitty Laptop case at this point is no longer in stock and now you're asking me to take time out of my schedule to fix your mistake.

If I was a disgruntle shopper I would have gone ape shit on her, maybe I should have, but I caved and brought them back to the nearest Little Burgundy listed on my bill:

By the way Little Burgundy, you may want to update that because that location no longer exist!!! Now I am extremely P.O.

Lily and I decided to go to a second Little Burgundy location, and there the customer service was just as bad in person as it was on the phone!  I explained the situation to the SA who 1) looked confused and was not sure what to do and 2) then asked me if I spoke French!  Really, I know I live in Quebec and all but KISS MY A**.  Let's just say 30 mins later, yes it took 30 mins (more like 25 mins of awkward silence and stares and 5 mins of button pushing) I got my refund.

Suffice to say Lily and I are never ever shopping at Little Burgundy again!  In fact, I am cutting out the whole Aldo group (they own Little Burgundy).  Yes, I am one of those shoppers that will boycott stores for bad customer service and horrid exchange policies.

To be fair Little Burgundy did offer me a 15% discount  valid for 3 months on my next purchase, but to be honest this is a mediocre  offer, who offers a promo with an expiration date.  Plus do you Little Burgundy think that is enough to keep me as a customer? I think not. Because after this experience I am definitely, oops we are definitely not shopping at Little Burgundy ever again, in fact I'm knocking the whole Aldo group off my list. 

Little Burgundy you may want to look at the customer service of companies like Amazon or Barns & Noble.  Because they have amazing customer service, you don't even have to really say anything and they arrange to compensate you for your inconvenience. 

Anyways thanks for listening to my rant, I think I should become a mystery shopper!

Have you guys had any horrible customer service experiences?

 ♥ Viv

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