Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Saturday Purchases

I'm on the hunt for the elusive maxi dress, I have yet to find one, I don't know why all the suddenly I want a maxi dress, but I do.  Last Saturday I was on the hunt for this elusive maxi dress, instead I came back home with this....

Yes, I know it's not a maxi dress. I picked up the Ikat draw string skirt at the Gap; boy I haven't shopped at the Gap since CEGEP, but I figured they may have a maxi dress at the right price point.  They didn't and I walked away with this skirt instead. Did I really need another skirt, no,but I figured since this was a  causal lay-back skirt it would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe; currently my wardrobe is stocked stocked with structured work appropriate skirts. Plus I snagged it for $8.97 (Original price $59.97), who could say no to that.

Ikat Draw string skirt

This Saturday my maxi dress hunt continued and still no luck. I'm determined to find an inexpensive one since I feel like the maxi dress is a in the moment trend thing. I figured Forever 21 would have one, but they didn't and I walked away with these instead:

I know, these are no where close to a maxi dress.

The hunt for the elusive maxi dress will continue...

 ♥ Viv

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