Saturday, 18 August 2012

Purchase of the Day

Hey Guys,

I recently found out that Aeropostale opened up a store in the city and I couldn't resist stopping by to see what they had. And holy moly, I love this store mostly because of the great deals they offer but also the quality of their clothes are better and much cheaper than Forever 21, wheres at Forever 21 I've been spending so much for crappy quality. I still like shopping at Forever 21 but I'm definitely going to shop at Aeropostale more often.

While shopping at Aeropostale I picked up a pair of floral jeans- I've been dying for a pair because I think they're cute and fun especially for the summer but I'm just a little late since summer is coming to an end. 

I got a pair of plum shorts-I really wanted a pair of colour shorts because this whole summer I've been wearing mostly dark blue shorts so I wanted to spice it up. 

In the picture they look burgundy but they're not

And I also got a jean jacket- I really like it because it portrays that chill, lay back boyish looking jacket with a little touch of girly around the sleeves.

♥ Lily

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