Monday, 13 August 2012

June&July Empties

My June empties were really sad, I think I had finished like 1 or 2 products.  I was much more efficient in July, but I still have yet to finish any makeup products.

June & July's Empties

Starting from left to right:

Boscia Blotting Paper: I think Boscia is slowly becoming one of my new favorite Japanese skincare lines. I actually really like their blotting paper, it's thick enough for me blot using both sides and really absorbs my oil without ruining my makeup.  The only downside is that I notice it goes on sale at Sephora in theUS quite often, where as in Canada I'm stuck paying full price. I will be re-purchasing these.

18-La Lune D&G eau de toilette: Typically I try to avoid buying 100 ml sized perfume because I am a scent whore; that's right I admit it, I am completely not loyal to any 1 scent. But a 20$ off coupon from Sephora and an urge to use it I caved and bought La Lune. I actually loved the smell for the first 50 ml, then I got tired of it. La Lune contains notes of apple, bergamot,lily; a heart of rose, tuberose; orris, leather, sandalwood, and musk. The only downside is that this scent was not long lasting. At one point I was motivated to use it up as fast as possible so I kept dowsing myself it in, thank god it was a light scent and I was not one of those  heavily scented people.  You know what I mean people, there are some who put on so much perfume that you can track their movements by the scent they leave behind! It may be the fact that it was a eau de toilette, so I found that by combining it with the Carried Away scent from Bath and Body Works slight extended it.  I will not be re-purchasing this simply because it's not my MO. Don't take any offence D&G, to date I have yet to repurchase the same scent.

Laura Mercier Tinted Mositurizer: Received this deluxe sample in my Sephora VIP bag, loved it enough that it knocked my Stila tinted mositurizer out of the running.  It has a thick enough consistency to provide light coverage  and even out my complexion without  making you feel like you have a ton of makeup on. I was actually considering buying a full size tube, but then I got a sample of the Boscia BB cream. Will I be purchasing this? Maybe, but currently BB creams have peaked my interest.

Gosh Fresh Dry Shampoo: This is my second favorite dry shampoo, sorry Gosh, my first love will always be Batiste dry shampoo. I have oily hair and Gosh does a decent job in absorbing up the excess oil in between washes. The only slight downfall is that it is heavily scented, so you may want to hold your breath when you spray. Will I re-purchase this? Most likely, it is a lot more accessible compared to the Batiste dry shampoo.

The Body Shop DeoDry deodorant (floral scent): I purchased this because of the idea that it would reduce the deodorant marks on my clothing. It did do that, but however I felt that it did not keep me dry what-so-ever. Plus I think the scent was not reacting to my skin's pH because I didn't find that it smelt that nice on me. Maybe it's just me, but at one point I kept wondering if I was smelling funky.  Will I be re-purchasing this. Definitely no and unfortunately I have a second bottle to use up. Dame those buy one get one 50% off sale!

Vichy Purete Thermale Micellar Solution : All I can say is thank god this is done! you can read my thoughts here. I will definitely not be repurchasing this!

Shu Uemura red:juvenus vitalizing retexturizing emulsion lotion: It is part of their age prevention line, which is why I initially bought it. You're never too young to start a preventative skin care routine.  I love the scent but I found that the consistency was too fluid more me and it didn't really mositurize my skin. Which I don't think it was the intended purpose of this product, but after talking to the Shu Uemura SA, she suggested combine it with a serum if I wanted something a little more mositurizing.  I never thought I could mix and match different products with different lines, but I must admit using the serum for the Shu Uemura Hydrability line prior to the retexturizing emulsion lotion made a 100% difference. But I think if I were to re-purhcase this I would purchase the cream version.

Kiehl's creme de corps body lotion: I really don't see what the big hype about this lotion was. It didn't do anything out of the ordinary for me. I will not be purchasing a full size of this product.

Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body cream: in the scent of P.S I love you and Carried away.  In general Bath and Body Works are my go to bath products.  Don't know what I was thinking when I bought the P.S I love you scent. It tickles my nose and not in a good way. Love the Carried away scent though. Will be re-purchasing these, but most likely in different scents.

 ♥ Viv

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