Wednesday, 11 July 2012

This Would be a Total Splurge

I spotted this clutch from CC sky on eLuxe a while a go. For those who don't know what eLuxe (formerly known as dealuxe) is, I would say they are the Canadian equivalent of a net-a-porter.  They have reasonable shipping fees; basically it's free with an order of at least $25, free returns, and best of all there are no astronomical duties to pay (cough cough US)

I really don't need another clutch but I am stalking this and waiting for it to go on sale, it's the only way I can justify the purchase.

Are you curious?

CC Skye Bella Body cross bad
There is something about the hot neon pink, I don't know why, but when I first laid eyes on it I was like "I want..." It may be due  to the fact that I have an upcoming wedding to go to, and this would be the perfect pop of color if I do decide to go with a black dress. 

But I feel like because it is a hot neon pink bag, it's such a in the moment trend item that they only way I can even justify the purchase is if I can catch it on sale.

The more sensible choice would be this:

Both pics are courtesy of eLuxe

But the hot neon pink one still lingers in my mind.

Should I be safe and go with the blue or be daring and go for the hot neon pink?

Let the stalking begin. 

 ♥ Viv

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