Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sister & Sister Dooney and Burke Bags

Lily does this to me all the time, she cons me into buying things under the pretense that we could share it. The only problem is that we are horrible at sharing, so in the end we never really end up sharing.  Case and point, Lily spotted this Dooney & Burke bag and had been longing for it for ages; so last year I bought it for her as a Christmas present.

No you're eyes are not fooling you!

However, Lily couldn't decide which color she wanted and somehow convinced me to buy both colors under the pretense, that these could be our :"sister-sister bag".  And best of all we could swap from time to time (i.e share)! 

Lily likes to call her bag Dooney and said mine could be called Burke.

Lily preferred the black whereas I was liked the tan
Here is how we fail at sharing:

Lily's rules to using her purse:
  • I can't put a pen in the purse-in case it leaks
  • I absolutely can't put the purse on the floor- which I agree with, do you know how much germs get stuck to the bottom of your purse? (but sometimes it can't be avoided i.e when I'm a a work related dinner, I can't be hogging an extra seat nor can I be having dinner with a purse on my lap.)
  • I can't wear dark jeans (this is for light colored purses-to prevent color transfer)
  • I can't carry too much stuff in the purse- Apparently I have a habit of carrying way too much in my purse
  • I can't carry any sweets or snacks 
  • and of course I can't be tossing this purse around; according to Lily I should be taking care of it like a freaking pet!

Viv's rule to using her purse:
  • Try your best to avoid putting the purse on the floor
  • And if it's a light colored purse, try not to wear any dark denim-no one likes when color transfer happens
  • If it still has a tag on it, you can't borrow it until I have at least used it first!

See how much more complicated Lily's rules are; which is why we have a tendency to 2 of certain items.

This is also a prefect example of how different we are style wise; I'm talking about polar opposites.  We have identical purses, yet we manage to accessorize it completely differently.

This is how Lily like's to accessorize Dooney:

Yes, that is a tail on her purse
I on the other hand, prefer to accessorize Burke this way:

I prefer the more girlie touch

Is sharing with your sister this complicated? or is it just us?

 ♥ Viv

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