Sunday, 22 July 2012

Purchases of the Day

So I have been relatively good for the month of July, only picking up a few pieces here and there, especially since I have a wedding to go to (at least that's how I have been justifying those purchases).  But then Friday I met up with a friend downtown....

As I was waiting for her to finish work, I window shopped and picked these up at Club Monaco.  God, I love Club Monaco, unfortunately my bank account doesn't share the same sentiments. My work wardrobe is pretty much 80% Club Monaco, 10% BCBG, and 10% the bay (particularly from the white space).

Friday's Purchase

I picked up these Lexie shorts in Aviator Navy Blue (they look much better on, I swear). We have been experiencing a heatwave here in MTL the last couple of weeks, so a pair of shorts is essential! Although I really don't think they're work appropriate; I tend to justify most purchases by asking myself: Can I wear these to work? Plus they were on sale and I scored an extra 20% off with my student ID.

On Saturday I needed to pass by Forever 21 to pick up some basic tees, instead I walked away with:

Saturday's Purchase

these Sam Edelman Gigi T strap flat sandals.  I spotted these (in brown) last week at the Bay, but walked away. But they constantly lingered in my mind, so when I passed by the Bay I decided to take a peek and see if I could spot them.  I couldn't find them, but Lily spotted these ones instead and I have to say I love the pop of color.  

I remember reading on about the on Lil Lady's Life blog, where she recommends buying half a size up.  I have to agree they are true to size.  I'm generally a size 7 and I found that size 7 fit perfectly, but my little toes were on the verge of falling off. so I took her advice and bought half a size up. I never use to consider myself to have wide feet, but I guess I do? 

The Bay is currently having their seasonal shoe clearance sale; you get an additional 30% off on all sale items.  The icing on the cake I got an additional 20% off thanks to an email offer! How could I walk away? They were practically free!

I was doing so good for the month of July, I think the trick is avoiding all malls and stores!  Do you guys have any suggestions on avoiding impulse purchases?

 ♥ Viv

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