Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Purchase of the Day

Last Monday, my other Club Monaco Purchase arrived. You gotta love about Club Monaco, if they don't have it in store they can verify if another store has it and arrange to have it shipped directly to you.  The only down side there is a $7 non-refundable shipping fee (or as my co-worker calls it, a $7 preview fee). Recently Club Monaco launched an online store, the sucky thing about being in MTL or more specifically Quebec, the site does not work for us.... Boo!

Anyways enough with the rant and on to the purchases

I spotted the CM Nadine Sweater in Coconut at the beginning of the summer and couldn't justify the price tag, so I waited for a sale to pounce.  It almost got to the point where I almost forgot about the sweater. But one day I was perusing the racks while waiting for a friend and spotted Nadine once again.

Monday's Purchase
The only down side was that there was only one in store and it was slightly damaged so I had to pay the $7 "preview" fee, but I bite the bullet since I had an extra 20% thanks to my student I.D card. 

FYI, Club Monaco will give you an extra 20% off all regular or sale priced items with a valid student I.D and unfortunately you can't combine it when they have the extra 30% off sale items.  Yes, I went there and asked because it makes a difference between if I can get 3 items or 5 items.

When Nadine arrived it was accompanied with a lovely note:

What a nice touch!
I paired the Nadine sweater with  Lexie shorts that I also picked up at Club Monaco, I attempted to take an OOTD photo, but got  photo bombed Lily.

Photo Bombed by Lily

Just when I finally finalized my outfit for a wedding of one of my dear friends (which was epic by the way) I spotted these Lottie Suede Strappy Sandals from TopShop on the Bay site.

Wednesday's purchase
I was instantly drawn to the blue it was the perfect pop of color, but honestly I didn't think they would arrive in time.  I placed the order on Tuesday and they arrived by Thursday; I tried them on and thought the 5 inch heel was a little too much for attending this wedding.
I'm on the fence about keeping them,  I love the color but the 5 inch heel makes me feel like a giant when I wear them and I'm only 5"4 without heels!

So right now they are sitting in the middle of my living room wondering if I will keep them or return them. 

What do you guys think, so I keep or return?

 ♥ Viv

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