Saturday, 14 July 2012

Purchase of the Day

I think the title is self explanatory; this was completely Lily's idea.

Since I have an upcoming wedding, I have been running around trying to find the perfect accessories. Which is kinda of ironic because I still have yet to decide on a dress; talk about the blind leading the blind. The only thing I do know is that the coral pink Zara dress is out, I recently wore it to a b-day dinner. 

BUT if I did decided to opt for one of the black dresses, in particular the black tiered laced one, I felt it  need a little extra umph. The structure of the dress makes it hard to wear a necklace, so I thought a bejewelled belt was the perfect accessory.  

I spotted this stone waisted belt on the BCBGMAZAZRIA website:  
Photo courtesy of the BCBG website
 I instantly thought that it would be the perfect accessory, but too bad it wasn't black.

On my hunt for this belt, I went to 3 different BCBG stores and didn't even spot it on display. At the third BCBG store on Laurier, I briefly mentioned this belt to the SA and she instantly knew which one I was talking about and went to the stock room to grab it. Unfortunately she said they only had it in black, which was fine by me!  Best of all it was also on sale, talk about a SCORE!

Theoretically, I didn't purchase these today, but decided to combine them in with this post.  I spotted these last weekend at the Bay (which just in case you're wondering is currently having their clearance sale, so there is an additional discount on already reduced merchandise!). Gotta love the Bay, I literally find everything there!

The moment I spotted them, I wanted them; there was something about them.  Maybe it's because they reminded me of the YSL Tribute sandals; anyhow this is pretty much as close to the YSL Tribute sandals I will get to at this point. 

Vince Camuto Toldeo sandals
They look nude, but in person there is like a pink pearl finish to them. Here is a pic of a pair of real YSL tribute sandals.

pic courtesy of  Neiman Maricus
Don't they look almost identical? except my pair doesn't have the metallic pipping.

 ♥ Viv

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