Saturday, 7 July 2012

I was doing so well...

And then I caved and almost bought 2 pairs of shoes in a day!  I have been trying to be good this year and stick the the notion of not buying anything I don't really need (i.e no clothing or shoes).  And I have been doing pretty well, I know I posted about a pair of House of Harlow shoes I picked up at a sample sale, but those don't count they were only $15. Plus I walked away from a pair of pretty ballerina flats when they had a 30% off sale (which is rare), so that has to count for something! But man I really regret not pick up that pair of flats, I really need a new pair of metallic flats : (

Now the summer sales are starting and it's really hard to resist and I ended up with "almost" 2 pairs of new shoes.

Typically, I don't really like to show my feet and I have a hard time finding sandals that make my feet look decent.  Personally I find my feet are too skinny and bony looking for sandals, but I have had enough of wearing ballet flats and decided my feet need some breathing. To me, buying sandals is almost as bad as buying jeans, you need to try on as many as you can and you will eventually find a pair that suits your feet. 

Last Friday, I spotted this pair of sandals and something about them screamed "Bring Me Home, you know you want to"

Impulse Buy #1

there was something about this pair that grabbed my attention (maybe it's the contrast of the rough edges of the soles versus the delicate bold floral pattern).  When I spotted them at Browns I was instantly attracted to the pattern and thought, this is a nice way to introduce a pop of color in my summer wardrobe.  Although they are a wedge and make me at least 5"9 when I have them on, they're actually quite comfy. 

Browns is currently having their up to 70% off sale, and I with an upcoming wedding I was desperate for a a bright bold shoe (in case I decided to go with a black dress). So at a second Browns (yes I went to 2 Browns across town on the same day) I picked up this pair:

Impulse Buy #2
I really wanted the blue pair, but that was the first color to go, so I settled for the orange pair, which wasn't so bad (the color was starting to grow on me) and I possibly may have kept them if my left shoe didn't squish my toes.  I know what you're all thinking , I was thinking the same thing, their suede maybe they'll stretch out, but I went to a third Browns during the week and tried on a yellow pair and they were much more comfy, no toe squishing on the left foot what so ever.  After a week of debating and attempting to stretch them out at home by wearing thick gym socks, I decided to return them.

As you can tell sales are my weak spots, I am willing to go all over the city to hunt down something I want!

And that is how I almost bought 2 pairs of shoes.

♥ Viv

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