Friday, 8 June 2012

Burberry Sheer Luminous Press Powder

Now that I have finished my Armani sheer press powder, I can finally whip out my newly acquired Burberry sheer luminous press powder.  I picked up this beauty in Toronto and now I feel like it's too pretty to use.

Burberry SheerLuminous Press Powder

First impressions: the packaging is gorgeous, Burberry definitely did not omit any details.  Their trade mark tartan patten is not only embossed on the powder, but it is graces the outer case and the velvet pouch.  Did I mention, I'm a sucker for anything with a tartan pattern.  I must warn you though the powder is heavily scented; it's reminds me of  one of their fragrance, I just can't pin point which one.  I love scented products, so this does not bother me one bit.  So far I find that the Burberry press powder only provides a sheer coverage,  if you prefer a little more coverage you may want to opt for the powder foundation.

The one thing that does annoy me about this product, is the brush that it comes with.  In my opinion it is the most annoying and useless brush.  And this is why:

Do you see the same problem I see?

The width of the brush is greater than the surface area of the powder which I  find makes it really awkward and cumbersome to use. Although I must admit that the slim brush does make it easier to apply powder to all the little crooks and crannies.  Since the brush is housed in a little pocket on the velvet pouch, I would assume it would eventually make it a dirty mess.  Therefore I much prefer to opt for my retractable Stila powder brush.

I purchased the Burberry press powder even though there were mixed reviews. So far it does a decent job setting my makeup but I'm still testing out its  mattifying abilities.

I know I'm late to the party, Burberry cosmetics has already been making it's way around the blog-sphere, and I can see why, they have definitely thought of all the details.  It's just a shame that it's impossible to get a hold of in MTL!

♥ Viv

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