Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Maybe I'm just not using this right?

Sorry for being MIA lately.  I typically try to blog during the week day or at least by the weekend, but lately taking up boot camp and ballet classes during the weekday followed by biking on weekends has left me exhausted. 

Anyways on to the post:

I had purchase this bottle of all nighter make up setting spray from Urban Decay last year. 

Urban decay had partnered up with Skindinavia and developed an all nighter long-lasting makeup setting spray  with the purpose of making make up last for at least 16 hours.

My first impression was that this stuff was amazing, I only used it for special occasions or when I really need my makeup to last all day. Lately I have been using it more frequently and  now I'm not so sure about it.  I love the fact it takes away the powdery look I get after setting my makeup with loose press powder.  But I started to noticed that with certain foundations (in particular my Guerlain foundation) I find that through out the day my foundations starts to separate from my face, which is not a pretty look.  Half way through my day my face is literally running.  Then I used it in combination with my trusty Shu Uemura foundation and I noticed that areas where spray is most concentrated in also starts to  separate. So instead of my whole face running I end up with a blotchy face.

Is it just me that I notices this? Because this product has received rave reviews.  Maybe I'm not using it correctly?  I started using a fan brush to whisk away any excessive product after spraying.  But I still experience some separation.  Maybe I'm not holding it far enough away from my face?

Any suggestions on making this product work?

♥ Viv

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