Tuesday, 5 June 2012

May Empties

I must have one of the most boring blogs (in the sense of makeup), there are no features of the latest products making the rounds in the blog-sphere.  It's just me trying to get through all the stuff I managed to accumulate; I have no idea how other bloggers go through products so fast; I am obviously not doing something right.  So as I continue to plow through my stash, here are my May empties.  

Warning this month's empties seems to be skin care orientated.

Skin Care products

Here are my thoughts on the following skin care/makeup products:

Estee Lauder Perfectly Splash Away Foaming Cleanser: First use, I hated the product mainly because it didn't spread around the skin easily.  Then I started to like the product once I figured the trick to easier application was wet skin.  But in the end I hated it, should have followed my gut instinct.  Here's why; it actually doesn't do that great of a job removing my makeup, there is actually quite a bit of residual makeup left. And most of all, it is not not gentle enough to be used around the eye area!  My eyes kept burning each time I would try to wash around my eyes.  With a cleansing oil I have no issues, but with the splash away foaming cleanser my eyes kept getting stung! Will definitely not be purchasing a full size product.

Bioderma Sebium purifying foaming gel:  Love this product, I already had purchased a second bottle prior to finishing this bottle.  I discovered this when I received a sample of it from a GWP, it was instant love. Here's why, its gentle enough to even use around the eyes, doesn't leave the skin feeling tight and dry, and does a pretty good job at removing makeup.  Love using this after the initial cleaning with my cleansing oil.  Will definitely be re-purchasing this.  So far bioderma products have yet to fail me.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar purifying foaming gel: I couldn't get pass the smell.  As you can tell by now, I have a thing with how products smell, and this product smelt like sulfur.  Based on that alone I will not be purchasing this.

Dermaglow glycolic 10% gentle peeling solution:  Liked it for removing any flaky skin I have in certain areas. I had been using it in combination with the Shu Uemura moisturizing lotion;  which may had contributed to my clearer complexion lately.  I read  somewhere that combining a glycolic solution with a moisturizing toner actually helps your complexion.  What don't love is the price tag.  It retails for $50 at pharmaprix, I attempt to catch it on sale, but this particular product seems to never go on sale, when every other Dermaglow product is on sale.  I liked it, but part of me also wants to try another glycolic toner.  Any suggestions?

Shu Uemura moisturizing lotion:  Loved using this toner especially in winter in combination with the other Shu products from the deepsea hydrability line.  It was a life saver during the transition from winter to spring, especially since this year spring basically came at the end of May. My skin usually get super dry and flaky during the seasonal change over (gross I know), however the Shu deepsea hydrability line really helps me with the flakiness issue.  Typically I would have no issue re-purchasing this, but I recently discovered that Bioderma has a mositurizing toner too, which I want to try first.  My personal experience so far is that many of Bioderma products are dupes for Shu Uemura products. Which is great because they are at least half the price.

Biotherm Face Multi-protection sun cream SPF 30:  Thank god this is finally finished!  I actually had to resort to using this as full body sun screen or else it was going to expire before I could finish it.  Will  definitely no be purchasing this again.  Not only did I grease up during the day, but the formulation is just too thick for my liking.  Any recommendations?

Bioderma Sensibio Light soothing cream:  Love it, you can read my rave for this product here (just scroll down to product 10).

The makeup

Armani Luminous silk powder (shade 5.5):  Finally this is done! I have had this for like what eons? more like 3 years to be exact.  I must admit I didn't even cheat about finishing this product, when I was left with the rim of powder I crushed it up instead of just tossing it.  To be honest I can't even remember if I liked or hated this product because at a certain point I just wanted to be done with this product. Base on that last comment, you can probably guess I won't be repurchasing this.  I am still in search of a HG press powder, suggestions are welcome.

Stila Lip gloss (guava): Love the smell, you can read my thoughts on Stila lip glosses here (just scrolled down to product 8).

Random skin care products

Bath and Body works Shampoo and Conditioner (coconut lime verbena):  I was really tempted to pick up these shampoos and conditioners when everything goes on sale at Bath and Body works, thank god I didn't. B was totally right, it is just heavily perfumed shampoo and conditioner.  I actually found that this dried my hair out quite a bit.  So I definitely would not be re-purchasing these.

Bath and Body works Butterfly Flower body lotion:  Love the smell, although I find that this particular scent is much stronger compared to others.  I never loyal to a particular scent but I am a bath and body works gal.

Bath and Body works anti-bacterial hand gel:  Learning that I don't love the ones that have a sweeter smell.  For some reason I find my hands are still sticky after I use the sweeter scented ones. 

Maybe my empties for June, I'll actually have more finished makeup products! probably not, but here's to keeping my fingers crossed.

♥ Viv

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