Saturday, 23 June 2012

I Don't Need to Buy a Dress, I Don't Need to Buy a Dress

I really don't need to buy a new dress, but isn't it just so tempting to when a special occasion is around the corner? A very good friend of mine is having his wedding and of course I need a dress. I'm really tempted to buy a new dress but I'm trying to be good because I literally have a closet full of dresses.  Now the hard thing to do is deciding what to wear.

It's technically a vow renewal, but it's quickly turning into a 2nd full fledged wedding when I heard that the groom said he was wearing a TUX and the bride has a WEDDING GOWN.  

Keep in mine that I have really only gone to Chinese weddings, and those usually require 2 outfits. One in the morning and one for the reception.  I have never gone to a wedding where you just need one dress. And no it's not because I like to shop (well that's true), but everyone and I mean everyone changes at Asian weddings. That's right guest also change! You don't have to believe me if you don't want to be if you're ever invited to an Chinese wedding don't say I didn't warn you.

My initial thoughts where that since it was a vow renewal, I could have gone more casual and summery; here are my 2 options for a vow renewal:

Dress 1
 I actually wore this to an wedding ceremony has year (it was an Chinese wedding, so I'll post my dress I wore to the reception later on), in my head I thought this would have been perfect for a vow renewal, now not so much.

Dress 2
Dress 2-the back

I also wore this dress to another wedding last year and I know what you're thinking, it's a little too casual.  But it wasn't, the couple are both pretty laid back and very artsy.  It was a vintage theme,  somewhere between the 40's and 50's. Guys donned on newspaper boy caps and I really wish I had a fascinator, it was the perfect occasion!

I loved the idea that both these choices either had a bold color or pattern, but now I'm thinking that they maybe too casual. 

Dress 3

Dress 3 accompanied dress 1; I wore dress 3 to the reception portion of the first wedding. When I bought it because it reminded me of a flower the way it was layered. 

Dress 5
Here is dress 5, which I bought as my LBD during boxing day.  I loved the details of the pleated lace, not sure if you can see the details.

Dress 6

Dress 6 was also picked up during the post holiday sales; Lily spotted it and called me ASAP to see if I was interested.  The shoulder straps are adorned with crystals and if I wanted to add some extra omph I have a petticoat I can layer under.  I'm just too too sure if that's the best idea since the wedding is in July.
I usually prefer not to wear black to weddings in the summer, now I'm thinking I may have to break that rule.  

Excuse my crappy poses; I am horrible when it comes to taking pics.  I become like a deer caught in the headlights, super stiff.  Tyra Banks would not be impressed; she would tell me to keep practicing.

Please help, which dress do you guys think I should go with? I have an idea, but I would like some opinions.

Once I picked a dress I can move on the shoes and accessories.

♥ Viv

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