Sunday, 10 June 2012

Finally it arrived!

I have been waiting for days for this to arrive,  I was being quite OCD and checking the Amazon site for shipping update everyday. So last Thrusday, the box finally arrived:

So what was in the box? My Nantucket bicycle basket; I choose one from the LightShip collection .  Sorry to disappoint those who were expecting something beauty or fashion related.  But ever since I purchased my bike, I felt it was missing something, in particular a basket. A basket was a necessity since I had no where to install a water bottle holder on my bike.  My bike rides have been very limited due to potential hydration issues.

I know I could have bought a bicycle basket locally, but they just weren't doing it for me.  I had some specific criteria that had to be meet: 1) easily removed (my bike barely fits into my trunk, so if I add a basket that I can't removed, I'm basically screwed) and 2) of course it had to be cute. The few that did have some curb appeal were $$$.  Apparently anything bike related just increases in price. I had been searching the web and discovered the Nantucket Bike Basket Co.; they had baskets that were appealing and relatively low in price point.  Only problem, they are only available in the US, so I took a gamble and ordered one off Amazon. It was literally a gamble, because you can barely tell how the product is from this pic.  And I couldn't find any another pics when I googled the Nantucket bike basket.

This is how it looks in person:

I was debating between a wicker basket or a metal wired basket, but in the end I opted for the wicker option purely because of the taper top (prevents things from easily popping out), the fact you can't see what's in my basket, and it had the best customer reviews. All the Nantucket bike baskets hold 13 lbs, so that was not a factor in my decision. The only thing that people seemed to complain about was the fact that the basket was made in China, apparently the name "Nantucket Bike Co." lead many people to believe it was made in Nantucket, Maine.  That doesn't bother me because, what isn't made in China now-a-days?  Don't you hate it when you want to purchase a product and there are no reliable pics on line?

Isn't it pretty.

I have been biking this whole weekend and I have to say this bike basket comes in very handy.  Not only can I store a bottle of water, snacks, and my purse, but it's great for moments like this:

Holding Ice Cream
Since it is the Grand Prix weekend TD bank was giving out free ice cream!  The basket came in very handy, I was able to easily move into the shade without dropping my ice cream.

♥ Viv

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