Thursday, 17 May 2012

Shopping my Stash

I don't need anymore make up, I don't need anymore makeup, this is what I keep saying to myself when I'm tempted to make an impulse purchase.  What better place to satisfy this urge then by going through what I already own;  this is what I recently unravelled in my stash.

I have had these items for quite some time now, but never really paid any attention to them.  First on the list is a Clinique blush in the shade Lotus Blossom (I de-potted it, then I accidentally dropped it which is why I have a huge chuck missing). To the eye it appears shimmery, which is probably why I never bothered with it; but once I swatched it, it was total love.  Completely reminds me of Spring.

I have always loved Stila lip glosses,  usually I pick up the holiday gift set, and I'm set for the next year or 2.  Only compliant is like half the shades look alike.  The shade Guava looks ok, nothing too special on it's own, however once I layered it with posietint from Benefit, it was a whole new story.

I got this Guerlain mascara in my surprise bag, I was super excited and when I saw what shade the mascara was I tossed it aside.  What the hell am I suppose to do with blue mascara? This laid dormant in my stash for about 1 or 2 (don't worry I never opened the tube, so it's not expired); then out of the blue (no pun intended) I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it.

Boy was I surprised, don't let the electric blue shock you, it is actually really subtle on your lashes.  I find it made my brown eyes shine a little more brighter.  You only really notice the blue if your in the right light and at the correct angle. Another thing I discovered about the Guerlain mascara is that their duel ended! 

♥ Viv

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