Monday, 28 May 2012

Our not So Free Museum day

The last Sunday of every May has been Free Museum day in MTL; where 29 participating museums all across the city allow you to enter sans admissions.  There is always one exhibit that catches my eye and I think perfect, what better way to see this than seeing this for free? This is me trying to be frugal.  However every year CW and I go, we never have really have any luck; last year the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts had the "The Warrior Emperor and China's Terracotta Army". When we showed up not only was there a huge line that practically went around the block, it was  raining (not light showers, it was a down right pouring), surprisingly people wore still willing to wait over 2 hours in the rain just to save the $20 or so dollars on admission.  We on the other hand said screw it and skipped it (being frugal isn't really working out for me).  This year, the one exhibit that caught my eye was:

 Samurai - The Prestigious Collection of Richard Béliveau at the Montreal Museum of Archeology and History. What was particular interesting about this exhibit is that the collection is actually owned by a very well known researcher in MTL, Dr. Richard Béliveau.  Only if I had a job where I travelled the world on medical/science conferences and made pit stops along the way to picked up Samurai artifacts. When we arrived, this was the line up:

a 2 hour wait for 50% off admissions
I asked the girl handing out information how long the wait time was,  she politely informed of that it was 2 hour wait and admission was 50% off if you wanted to see the Samurai exhibit.  CW and I wore like huh? isn't it suppose to be free? it's free museum day.  Apparently not, only the permanent collection was free where the wait time was 20 minutes. Waiting 2 hours only to save $8 was not worth our time, so we decided to try the Montreal science museum where they had a Star Wars Identity exhibition.  This apparently was also not free, so far this free museum day isn't so free after all! 

Thank god we spotted a cultural food fair on our way to the old port.

Too bad on our way to the old port we pigged out on poutine, so our bellies wore too full to taste
They seem to have an emphasis on Japan, I wonder if it was due to the influence of the ongoing Samurai exhibit?

I know the horse has nothing to do with the Japanese culture, it just stopped to say Hi as I was eating my maple taffy
So far our free museum day was a bust, but it somehow we stumbled onto a movie being filmed in front of the a hotel in the Old Port. I must admit I don't think I have ever spotted the filming of movie in process. 

Curious to know what we spotted? Here is a hint:

No the most creative code name

Can you guys guess? 

It was Smurfs 2 or in Quebec we call it Les Schtroumpfs 2.

Yes that blurry guys is Neil Patrick Harris, I only had camera on my iphone , sorry

Our first confirmed celebrity sighting! Quite frankly, CW and I are quite possible the worst celebrity stalkers on the planet.  We spotted the set and wonder what was going on, we knew there had to be someone because there was a teenager jumping up and down and waving frantically, but we still couldn't figure out what it was. All we knew was a movie was being filmed in front of the St. Sulpice hotel, if we wore smart we should have said "excuse me we need to get to our hotel " because if your wore staying at the St. Sulpice wore allowed to walk through the set.  By the time that thought crossed our mind it was too late,we wore already standing there for like 5 minutes.  Once we made it to the over side of the set we found out it was Smurfs 2 that was being filmed and that's when I spotted Neil Partrick Harris in action, CW on the other hand kept saying "where, where, I don't see him", 5 mins later she was like "oh, now I see him". I think this experience combined with our other failed attempts to meet celebrities qualify has as the worst celebrity stalkers ever. Celebrity stalking takes some hard core dedication!

Our not so free museum day wasn't a bust after all.

♥ Viv

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