Friday, 4 May 2012

My food week

Didn't get a chance to post much last week, I really should plan a head.  It was so much easier to post daily, when I wrote 2 in a day and saved one as a draft. But I was MIA mainly due to the fact I was celebrating my bday. So here is a quick recap of that week.

Week started with the bday of a coworker (her bday happened to be the day before mine) so cake #1.
Ignore the fork holes, we wore trying to figure out if the white cream puff was a marshmallow. Sadly it's not!

Usually at work we lump bdays around the same time together, but she was sweet enough to buy me a cake the day after.  Which also happened to we administrative assistant day, which we sorta kinda of turned into a our department day and ordered Greek for everyone! Sorry no pic. I was a little pre-occupied... with eating.

My food budda moment
Montreal is one of those cities where it is illegal to sell food from a truck (damn it!). During certain festivals the  Grumman'78 taco truck rolls in the Quartier des Spectacles; providing you a a brief window to sample their yummy tacos. Finally Grumman'78 set up shop in the Le Faubourg, an odd place but I guess a wise business choice since the Le Faubourg is within walking distance from one of my old stopping grounds: Concordia University. You're bound to find lots of hungry university students there! 

I'm such a foodie at heart and I have always wanted to walk into a place where I can just say "I want one of everything" like the Food Buddha does on his show.  I was able to do that  since The Grumman's 78 taco menu only consisted of 5 tacos and 5 appetisers. We did a few  strange looks from by-passers since it was just CW and I, but I was not ashamed! CW was a little embarrassed but she's a trooper (she almost made me sit in the corner, but settle for next to the tree).  Our top picks: the fried sweet potatoes with feta cheese (are to die for!), the salmon taco, followed by the lamb and curry taco and the turkey taco with gravy.  Their fried chicken was pretty tasty as well.  But I do have to warn you that if you like traditional tacos, avoid Grummen'78 because there is no such thing as a traditional taco.

Since it was my bday, I decided to splurge a bit, maybe a went a little overboard? But in my defence that was Holt Renfrew's fault.  They had a weekend event where a certain percentage of your purchases was given back to you via gift card.  Hard to resist when they are practically giving you free money back!

Gifts to myself... Wondering what's in the Jo Malone bag?

I tried booking a table at Joe Beef, a restaurant I have been dying to try especially after seeing it on an episode of the layover with Anthony Bourdain. But they are completely booked until June 2!  Why can't I be famous? or be married to a celebrity, it would making eating at yummy restaurants so much easier. Another thing that annoys me with certain restaurants, is that limit group sizes to 6!  Who do you sacrifice when you're a group of 8?  Do you tell your friends sorry you can't invite your significant other? or dis-invite yourself?

So we decided to dine at Jane's Restaurant, which was also on my list of restaurants to try. Jane's restaurant is known for their pizza, so I had the taco pizza, which tasted ok there (nothing special), but morning after the left overs tasted so much more yummy!

I was really surprised by presents from my friends, I was really just looking forward to a yummy dinner!

♥ Viv

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